Bikram Yoga on Netflix

If anyone’s interested, we watched a documentary on Netflix about this guy Bikram who has been a yoga guru for decades. Turns out his organization is basically a cult, and, wait for it… he’s been accused of rape, sexual harassment, etc. But that’s what it is, and practically standard issue for so many of these things.

What got me and my wife guffawing was as we watched this guy, he has almost the exact psychological profile if you will of trump. Can’t help lying, thinks he’s the smartest and most spiritual man alive, and literally says it out loud. And of course he’s a gd creep.

Check it out and I think you’ll see the similarities. Kind of mind-blowing that the same personality type can be so similar in people who are outwardly totally the opposite.

Yeh its shocking but also not that surprising. Just a shame one of the women didn’t kick him in the balls !!!

I had the same experience yesterday, listening to this.

How the cassette tape created the internet.

The second half is about how Khomeini spread his message. His grammar was bad, which related to the average person. He spoke of how they had been wronged then propsed going back to a traditional system of running the country. Sound familiar?