Biden launches another illegal war this time against Yemen

The US has cobbled together yet another coalition of the willing. It includes, of course, New Zealand / Godzown / Aotearoa.
We can at least learn one thing from this . That when given the choice in the real world the US and the UK chose: actually chose… to start another war rather than stop a genocide.

-Remember before this point in time, nobody had died by Huthi action other than Huthis.


“Do the American, British, and zionist expect that any aggressive act against Yemen will distract us from defending Gaza?

We swear, even if we turned into atoms scattered in the air, we will not leave Gaza. We will continue to target zionist ships and those going to the zionist entity. We will confront America, make it kneel, burn its warships, all its bases, and anyone who cooperates with it.

No matter what it costs us, we will not leave Gaza. Let the great war ignite, for we are its people and its men.

To our people, our brothers, our sons, and our fathers in Gaza, we are with you. You are not alone. Our blood for you is cheap, and we are with you until our last breath.

God refuses for us to be submissive and humiliated while your blood is spilled. What will God say to us when we meet Him?

You have let down Gaza.
No, by God, we will not let her down, no matter what it costs us.

The world must prepare to hear of America’s defeat. I say this with all pride, we will trample America under our feet. The battlefield will teach those who do not know us about our might and severity.

We will not warn nor threaten. Wait for what will heal your hearts.

By God.
We will burn the region.”

Jan 12, 2024 · 12:30 AM UTC

You mean something like Jefferson’s Bible?

Yeah, destruction heaped upon destruction. It’s always worked so well in the past.