Balancing the librairies schools in Texas?

Is this a joke or a fake news ?

Genocide of Jews during WWII is the main topic, but what about evolution or other topics?

[Southlake school leader tells teachers to balance Holocaust books with 'opposing' views]

I am sorry to say this is real, to the everlasting shame of those who try to minimize the horrors of genocide and racism.

In a little over 20 years from now, a common question on job applications will be:
“Are you from Texas?”

I heard the tape. It was one woman who said it. She thought the example up on the fly. I doubt she would have said it if she gave it moments thought. I don’t care much for these “caught on tape” snippets

There are others sources :
[TX School Exec: Teachers' Libraries With 'Opposing' Views, Including Holocaust]

But in fact, it seems that it is only a woman who told that, upper authorities played it down.

Now, there are really “controverted” topics in USA, as evolution, abortion and so.

In fact, i am wondering if it does mean that a school which has in its library anti-abortion books is legally obliged to have pro-abortion books, just to give an exemple ?

There are other topics, as death penalty, weapons and so.

Incidentally, in most European countries, to negate the Jewish genocide is a misdemeanor which can send you to the court.

Greate example. This is the strategy of Flying Spaghetti Monster and sometimes the Church of Satan; You have a 10 commandments monument on government property, fine, let’s also have a statue the FSM. It almost always has the effect of shutting down the cries for religious freedom.

For a library, I think it’s fine to have Mein Kampf. My library has the giant book of Scientology.

Women are second class citizens, unless they are women of colour then they are third, fourth, maybe even fifth class citizens. Women do not matter. They are just chattel for reproduction.

I’ve heard some can cook and clean too!

Maybe if it gets federal funding, I can see an argument for that.
And, it’s not “Pro-abortion” - it’s Pro-Choice,
People are not out there advocating for women to get abortions

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Can something be done with the concept of anti-pregnancy?
Then the problem of anti-abortion becomes moot, no?

Before we start balancing schools in Texas, perhaps we should start with balancing some minds in Texas. It appears that Texans are living in an alternative reality.

Where that comes from is a mystery, unless we look back in history to a more primitive time in the evolution of humankind. Seems that the lessons learned then have been forgotten and when you forget history, you are bound to repeat it.

Yes, lets make America great again by returning to the days of slavery. After all the greatest boom in infrastructure building was achieved in those days.
Can’t beat cheap labor, especially if abortions are outlawed. We’ll have an unlimited supply of cheap labor once again.

Of course we have something standing in the way of all those improvements.

I think it’s called the Constitution of the United States of America.

Add “unpaid labour” to that list.

I don’t think morgan’s point was to be scientifically accurate in his suggestion. The woman who threw this out, that there is such a thing as books that provide “balance” to the holocaust, is an example of the short sightedness that has managed to infect the power structures in Texas. There is balance in science, every new idea is thoroughly considered, from all perspectives, that’s how it progresses. What the woman doesn’t understand is that examination has a result, and when you get to it, you put all that examination on the shelf until new data or a new discovery causes you to re-examine it. She thinks 4th graders should be re-examining the theory of evolution, or the existence of race, before they understand all the underlying facts and analysis that got us where we are.

So, anyway, rambling at 7am here. One way to shed light on that, is to suggest any number of “balanced” solutions to all the things that might be in a school library. If you want the Bible in there, then you should balance it with at least 7 or 8 other major religious texts. If you want a book discussing the horrors of the abortion procedure, then you need a whole shelf of women’s studies and some biographies of RBG. You want “State’s Right”, how about Marx’s Manifesto?

okay, done

This seemingly minor incident should not be dismissed. This meeting will repeat all over the country. The way libraries are handled is already part of an entrenched system. One woman found herself in charge of shelving books and discovered that books about one of our recent Presidents were being classified completely differently from all other Presidents. Gee, I wonder why. I heard that on a radio program, I’ll try to track it down.

Whoop, there it is Bias in the Library | On the Media | WNYC Studios

This is the good news story, that someone can see this, contact the people at the Library of Congress and start a movement to change it. The bad news, hardly anyone knows this story, or the history of Dewey. The people who want to stop this movement don’t want you to know. They are the ones who pass along these ideas like “balance”.

They just won’t give up. This was all settled in the Kitzmiller trial with the introduction of “Intelligent Design” and the children’s book “Of Pandas and People”, whis was written to be taught in science class as an alternative to the theory of Evolution.

Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District

Court case


Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District, 400 F. Supp. 2d 707 was the first direct challenge brought in the United States federal courts testing a public school district policy that required the teaching of intelligent design. Wikipedia

The ignorance of a large part of the population in this scientifically advanced country is just stunning . As Obama once declared ;

And it’s not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy toward people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.
Obama on small-town Pa.: Clinging to religion, guns, xenophobia - POLITICO

If you understand what “settled” means, yes, it was. But science is never settled in the sense of the word that non-scientists and non-lawyers use it. Any case, any law or theory is always open to assessment. You and I know what the result will be, but if we don’t leave that open, then we are doing law and science wrong. The Ted Cruz’s of the world exploit this feature, they manipulate the words and confuse the people making the small decisions, the ones that impact our daily lives

Absolutely, unless it comes to the concept of “irreducible complexity” as a logical substitute for “evolution”. This in direct conflict with all of science, which is logically based on entropy.

Intelligent design proponents attempt to demonstrate scientifically that features such as irreducible complexity and specified complexity could not arise through natural processes, and therefore required repeated direct miraculous interventions by a Designer (often a Christian concept of God).
Intelligent design - Wikipedia

How Can Complex Things Form in a Universe Ruled by Entropy?

If disorder in the universe is always increasing, then how is it that galaxies, stars, planets, and people are here? Watch the explanation.

OCT 12, 2016
Brown, Yellow, Night, Atmosphere, Amber, Space, Black, Beige, Midnight, Universe,


Recently, when we were talking about why time only moves forward, we got into talking about the Second Law of Thermodynamics. It says that disorder, otherwise known as entropy, must always increase. For instance, if you add cream to your coffee, you’ll always get an even mix of the two. This is the most disordered state. And because entropy can never decrease, your coffee can never spontaneously unmix itself.

If that’s true, and the universe is constantly getting more disordered, then why do we see ordered things like galaxies and planets and people? Surely if the universe always gets more disordered, we shouldn’t expect complex things like ourselves to form. Well, over at MinutePhysics, physicist Sean Carroll explains how this apparent contradiction is possible:
How Can Complex Things Form in a Universe Ruled by Entropy?

What I’m saying is, the principle is there. You and I know the same questions get raised, over and over, and they aren’t a true challenge, the probabilities don’t change. But a high school kid doesn’t know, they are hearing it for the first time. The school’s job should be to simply tell them that it’s “settled”. But when parents also don’t know, there’s confusion, and it’s exploited.

Looking at multiple “perspectives” when discussing controversial subjects is a good thing but legislating it in public schools is crazy.

I agree.
But there is a difference between asking questions and teaching unsupported contrary arguments as equal alternatives to recorded and verifiable history.

The Nuremberg Trials were real and the evidence presented at that trial was real.
To claim there is an alternative interpretation to that history is insanity.

Slavery was real and the evidence presented is real. To claim there is an alternative interpretation to that history is insanity.

OTOH, to continue the claim that the universe exists by Intelligent Design without any real supporting evidence, as an alternative to known cosmology is also insanity, IMO.
And contrary to the Establishment Clause.