Aurora Texas UFO 1897

Have you heard about this ufo case ?

In 1897 , Aurora ,Texas became an area of interest when a UFO was incident was reported to have crashed near a farm. The case became known as the Aurora Texas UFO.

The incident reportedly occured on Apr 17,1897 when an unidentified flying objects crash landed in a farm. The pilot ,who was said to be of non-terrestrial origins , was killed in the crash .

I vaguely recall the story. Wasn’t the alleged alien buried? Has anyone thought to dig him up?

Wow, I’d have never believed it. But seeing is . . .

What is that object in the sky? I can’t identify it. Maybe a new kind of frisbee?

Oh, sorry. I just now read the article. It says:

There’s only one real way to find out if the story is true. Open the well and exhume the body.
(The well is where parts of the craft were dumped and later cemented over.) But it has been over 100 years. At what point would it be justifiable archeology to respectfully exhume the body? And the well, I would think, could be investigated now.