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Under pressure from US imperialism, the Australian government has just cancelled its contract with the French government to build twelve nuclear submarines. the subs are now American built. A scenario for advanced war preparations and the breakup of NATO. France, which hailed Biden, is now howling a betrayal.

Not sure what costing as the diverity in media wont tell you this, but I have heard $100 billion +. A big FY to small business that are dying and need govt help and to public health, research for the next pandemic, climate change action and education for the next generation

This seems to me is a long-term plan to reel in Australia as another nuclear weapons possessive state hoping it’ll send a message to Beijing. What good is a nuclear powered sub with conventional weapons in the nuclear war age? Since Australia does have an abundance in uranium enrichment facilities cannot be far behind which in turn would create another war profit machine for defense contractors.

The West now realizes it has wasted so many resources in the Middle East by using brute force to monopolize oil and mineral reserves it also realizes the only way that can be achieved is to ramp up aggressive conflict with Chinese interests in the same region(s). Australia will serve as a proxy while coughing up over 90 billion to be a full time puppet regime of American and British military might. Biden is finishing what the Obama / Trump Administration started ( pivot to asia quoting Obama) only bringing it to a profitable end to those who gain from war.

I agree with Biden and other that China is a danger for democracy and for its neighbors.

Matter is that to contain it, European cooperation is needed and the breaking of the French contract gives European countries a wrong signal.

In fact, there are three big block in the world, USA, China and Russia. India is a potential one. Europe should be one, but with its division it seems more as a patch of natives countries open for the true powers grabbing, as India was in the 1700th and Africa in the 1800th.

BBC has corrected it’s headline

They aren’t half the danger that the Trump Derangement Syndrome is to American democracy, with their accompanying utter disconnect from reality - and rational constructive thought/communication processes.

So you are thinking the United States, United Kingdom and Australian want to attack China???


Seems to me a continuation of the idiotic chess game the super powers have been playing. Like WTF has China been doing with their expansionism moves. You think other nations should simply roll over.

Don’t get me wrong - I think they are all delusional fools playing a very stupid long game with no winners - but that’s because the real enemy AGW is being ignored by all parties and allowed to become a most formidable destroying machine that will put all of our stupid worthless weapons of mass destruction to shame.

But guess the point I’m trying to make is… ,well…, what’s it they say: Have an open mind, but not so open your brain falls out. Mongering that we’re threatening China, implies we are getting ready to attack them. That doesn’t seem very likely.

Hence General Miley’s call to China.

I agree, and am glad he did it.
I’m sure there have been plenty of "Almost"s that we don’t know about. He didn’t want trump’s rage mixed in with an untimely “Almost”

Read the tea leaves. Self declared pivot to Asia by American administrations , move out of Afghanistan to fully focus on China, deploying more troops and weapons and military drills to Australia.

Would pay to watch John Pilgers 2016 film on this

China is turning into a totalitarian state, beyond being merely a dictature,

by that, i mean that Chinese state does not only crush opposition and freedoms, but exiges that its citizens share and support the current ideology, not only in acts but also in thoughts.

History is being rewritten.

China has imperialist views, first on Chinese sea and claims it, even parts which are blatantly not in her territorial waters.

China will not respect any treaty.

China has shown the whole of that, specially in Hong-Kong.

And China has built, is still building its economy and now has the means to invest in army.

You may add that foolishly, Western countries have become highly dépendants of china for strategic products.

All this means that China will go as far it feels it is possible to go without starting a war.

In fact, many of these traits remind me 1939, and i can promise you that i am not usually making this sort of reference. I only hope that they will be more wise than theirs predecessors.

France is furious and NATO is in crisis

The heat is on with France removing Ambassadors ( is this a first for the West? Iraq?)

and accusing treason of Australia.

Recalled French ambassador accuses Australia of ‘treason in the making’ over AUKUS submarine deal

What’s going on here. Would you explain?

What Mike, you want me to explain Trump Derangement Syndrome?

Well it’s having faith in a messianic leader who is all about hate mongering and vandalizing the social, political, legal norms of this country.

Who says anything to anyone, who hasn’t signed an agreement he’s not ready to disavow at the drop of a dime,

… who believes profiting by cheating others is an honorable business practice.

It’s believing in white supremacy, when we white have done such an atrocious job of running the world in the first place.

It’s believing in bullying over learning.

It’s believing that it’s okay to malicious slander honest able bodied honorable professionals with totally fabricate dishonest storylines.

It’s believing that telling lies for personal profit, regardless of consequences to others is normal operating procedure.

It’s believing science can be disregarded and resents learning.

It’s loving the unborn, but having contempt for living children and mothers and parents.

That’s about the gist of it. With some thought I could do better.

What’s it got to do with this thread?

Hmmm . . .

Oh I guess most importantly right now the trumpian right wing’s all out attack on free and open elections in this country
along with it’s heinous attack on a mothers right to self defense and self determination, including birth control and the sovereign right to terminate whether to give birth to this life just beginning inside of her.

Or trump’s dedication to exploiting and increasing distrust amongst us citizens for his own self aggrandizement.

China also doing a lot to support trumpian notions

And what this has to do with the geopolitics of defense alliances and submarines, who knows. One way or the other, It seems we’re degenerating into a free for all anyways, so hang on.

“And what this has to do with the geopolitics of defense alliances and submarines, who knows”

Then why did you post it?? Begs the question.

And let’s be honest. They will never be used

:wink: conversation, trying to figure out what’s going on there.
I guess that weird #6 comment is what got me started.
Like I said, just trying to figure what you are on about.


Weird in what way? And what is the connection to trump with bidens decision today to cross the French? I would say that’s extremely weird.

Basically simply pointing out Trumpism and the malicious bullying and their embrace of delusion willful-ignorance and totalitarian thinking is more dangerous to the USA, France, England and the world than any rift between France and America.