Any of you folks familiar with Michael Grab's rock piles?

I’ve alway been fascinated and amazed at the art work of Andy Goldsworthy.
Ironically just the other day, I was talking to my gal about him and how it seems someone like him changes the way many look at things - they wind up with a bunch of, not exactly copy cats, but folks who are inspired and trying to emulate his work. But, it never quite reaches the level of originally and impact as the original.
Then this morning, {providence loves correcting my rash opining %-P }, her son sends her images by this Michael Grab fella who has taken rock carnes to a whole new level. WOW, taking something every kid plays with and winds up with something truly original and amazing.
So now, (to the tone of Sargent Pepper) Let me introduce to you, the number one rock balancer of all time. Michael Grab’s Gravity Glue
hang on at 6:45 it gets really fun.
I guess with a name like that, it must have been in the genes