Any IT Crowd fans here?

IT Crowd on Netflix is for my money the best comedy show of all time bar none. Better than Parks and Rec, The Office, Modern Family, All in the Family, MASH, etc. Of course you have to like British humor, but it has everything - dialogue humor, sight gags, sound effect gags, etc. And the best part is it SEEMS to be very chaotic, but in fact the story lines are really intricate and interwoven.

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I thought the first few episodes were slow, but after that, it hit high gear. Best Facebook slam ever. Loved seeing what happened to the owner, then his son

FriendFace! So good. And each episode packs so much in. One of my favorites is the Gay Musical one, where Roy and Morris have to go to the bathroom. Reminds me of an old Rodney joke…the other day I was in the bank and had to go, but the toilet said employees only. I had to go so bad I applied for a job. ba dum dum.

I’m an IT crowd fan too. :slight_smile:

You’ve mentioned some good ones. IT Crowd is great. I was a huge MASH fan as a kid and I think some of my humor was heavily influenced by Hawkeye. But now when I watch it (since the #MeToo movement), I’m really aware of how horribly Hawkeye treated the nurses and it takes away most of the enjoyment.

As for the IT Crowd, I worked in technical support, and a bit of a computer geek, but obviously this is one show that can be enjoyed by pretty much anyone. :slight_smile:

Ya I loved MASH too, but like alot of sitcoms and movies from that time period, they just don’t hold up. Gilligan’s Island is another - loved it back in the day, cringe-worthy nowadays.

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