Another mass shooting in america

10 african americans murdered in Buffalo shopping centre by a fascist who wrote a 180 page manifesto based on white supremist ideology - Great Replacement Theory. The gunman, Payton Gendron, copied what was written by previous fascist gunmen, including Anders Breivik, who murdered 77 people in Norway in 2011, and Brenton Tarrant, who killed 59 people at two mosques in New Zealand in 2019. And he was wearing Nazi insignia, including the black sun worn by members of the fascist Azov Battalion in Ukraine.

the Biden administration and the corporate media once again paints these crimes as hate crimes so that talk of the rise of fascism in America is avoided. We heard the same blather from Obama for years. The imperialist warmongers can’t be bothered by trivial matters like fascism at home when there is the more urgent matter of arming fascist in Ukraine.

It was a hate crime. White Supremacists are hate groups. I really don’t understand that kind of hate in which one murders many people just because their skin complexion is different.

How was President Obama a fascist? I see the dotard (the orange creature who will not be named, who occupied the White House before President Biden) as being a fascist dic[tator].

Wow. That is one amazing conflation. Fascism and white supremacy are pretty much the same thing though, so, geez, just, stay cool

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The media often labels “hate” as fascism.

“The old world is dying, and the new world struggles to be born: now is the time of monsters.” by Gramsci about fascism.

We are in such a period.

The old world is dying and killing us, the new world is not still born, monsters arise.

They are born from fear, from hate, from a feeling of loss. And they are promoted by people who thrive on them.

Now, if you want to fight fascism, don’t mix everyone. To call every opponent fascist is ineffective and discredit what you say.

Obama and Biden are not revolutionary, yes, but they are not fascists. There are capitalists who are not fascists.

A liberal democracy is not a fascist state.

A fascist is a totalitarian and not a mere supporter of dictatorship.

A liberal democracy accepts that anyone may think freely, live as he wants. In USA or in France, one can fight openly to overthrow the capitalist system and do not risk to be jailed as long as one does not resort to violence.

In a fascist state, everyone must live, behave and think as the state wants. The states controls the thoughts of the people, rewrites History and so.

Ukraine is a very imperfect democracy, but is not a fascist state.

China is a fascist state, Russia is on the way to become one.

Putin calls fascists his adversaries, but it is pure propaganda. He is building a state in which only the news he choose are given by the medias, with the words he choose. He is suppressing any opposition. He is rewriting History.

He promotes a state ideology founded on virility, homophobia, sexism, and traditional religion.

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This shooting was not some random act but a monstrous political crime. Authorities were aware that the shooter, Gendron, had previously threatened to shoot up a school, and yet this fascist piece of dirt was able to acquire weapons and body armor with impunity.

Like Gendron, Kyle Rittenhouse and other twisted elements, they populate chat rooms such as 4Chan and Discord. But behind these online platforms are the Nazi groups egging them on, backed by prominent members of the Republican Party.

The Democrats prostrate themselves before the fascist threat because their political outlook differs only in degree, not in kind. For the capitalist ruling classes of the world, war and fascist dictatorship are the only alternatives left to them

I was following you up to here. Democrats have put forward many more gun control regulations. Republicans block them. What’s your evidence?

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Not a political crime. Call it what it is- a hate crime. A hate crime against Black people. This has gone on time immemorial and not only that, the hateful murderous person wrote about 14 and even said, “you will not replace me”. No one is going to replace anyone, but racists/white supremacists believe that crap.

You’re confusing this story with some other story.

That is possible, but everyone you listed is a racist lot.