an account of a "psychic healer" that always bothered me

There is this story of a so-called psychic healer that always bothered me, because it took place so long ago, there wasnt any critical study of her “work” and one of the people who did “study” her was a Christian fundie who claimed that the psychic was real- and used devilish powers! What I am wondering is that for this kind of people is it not possible to actually “debunk” anything even if we had a photo or even a film?

For example there is this odd looking photo of a pancreas “surgery” that the healer supposedly did-but thats not what a pancreas or even someones intestines look like is it? Also can anyone here tell if she is using a palming technique just from the photo, what I am a little confused by is were guts from the pool of "blood"is sticking out from however

The mods, which I am one, sometimes delete posts from new users that contain links. But you’re question is legitimate.

I don’t need to click on it though, once you understand that there is a “palming technique”, and if you know what the body parts should look like, I’d say you have pretty well debunked this.


10 Levels of Sleight of Hand


I don’t believe it! It’s impossible what that guy does. Must be trick photography. Or? Could it be . . .

And can’t resist a moldy oldie by the Incomparable Amazing Randi - who spent his life soundly exposing frauds, yet no one seems to have paid the least attention.

out of curiosity what object do you guys think is pulling pulled out by the “surgeon”. That is not a pancreas i dont think its any kind of intestine ether

@hashidate out of curiosity what object do you guys think is pulling pulled out by the “surgeon”. That is not a pancreas i dont think its any kind of intestine ether
My aren't we skeptical. It's pretty clear that what get's "pulled out" isn't anything from within a body.

I couldn’t resist checking out that link you shared. Too bad it’s in Spanish and there doesn’t seem to be translate to EN button anywhere. In any event, that picture, a kitchen knife, dirty hands, no gloves, even wearing rings, and you want me to believe she was insider that person’s body. Or is it they have so much psychic power that all germs are also vanquished?

Have you witnessed any of these surgeries, have you examined the extracted mess? What makes you believe they are actually pulling out visera and tumors and such?


Oh and then I came across who appears to be a king of psychic surgery …

John of God ‘monster’ making millions with barbaric surgery and ‘blessed’ pills

By Mark Saunokonoko • Senior Journalist
12:10pm Dec 18, 2018

The controversial John Faria has worked as a celebrity faith healer for the last four decades in a small town in central Brazil, becoming widely known as John of God.
He became famous for conducting “psychic surgeries” that he said could cure diseases, including cancer. Thousands of Australians, many terminally ill or suffering from debilitating sicknesses, have reportedly visited Mr Faria’s compound deep in Brazil’s interior.
Mr Faria’s critics have argued the faith healer is nothing more than a charlatan, fleecing the vulnerable for millions of dollars.

On Monday, Mr Faria sensationally turned himself into Brazilian police, after allegations he had sexually abused hundreds of women and young girls.


I couldn’t resist checking out that link you shared.
... OK, so it's safe? ;)

I though hashidate was asking what “fake organ” was being pulled out.

Like, did the “healer” get ahold of a pig’s pancreas, or is he using the readily available “sausage skin” (pig intestine)

The Carson guy was pulling out some unrecognizably gross stuff. And I Think I actually remember seeing that. I used to catch Carson quite a bit as a young’en.


Yes of course its safe. I am pretty sure in this “pancreas” surgery" there was no actual pancreas being pulled out and I was curious what it was actually being pulled out. It wasnt intestines from a human either as the colour looked really off even if its a black/white photo.

This story had annoyed me in the past to no end because a certain Christian fundamentalist had used it to gain fame, claiming it was not only all real but all Satan’s work as well, and it turned out not only did some new age type woo-woo promoters supported this certain psychic, but also took pictures as well. so you got two polar opposites claiming this is all real for opposite reasons.

What also is annoying that somehow there are people promoting ancedotes of this psychic who died in the late 1970s online! One of them said that the psychic fixed her tailbone and that if she did normal tailbone surgery it would either mean a life time of pain or on painkilling drugs… and that she would have had trouble having kids because of her tailbone damage. Even if (big if) what she claimed was all true it sounds more like a misdiagnosis by the doctor


Ugh what a bizzare and ridiculous story too bad no one wrote about it critically in the 1970s and 1980s

An interesting parallel used to be the perception that bacterial and viral infections were “demonic possession” that could be cured with incantations.

Today we know that these diseases are caused by micro-organisms which are trying to survive just as all living organisms. They can only be defended against by vaccines which train the body to resist the attacks on a cellular scale.

There is a new approach being investigated and that is the science of “quorum sensing” which uses the biochemical “dictionary” to confuse the chemical language used by those organisms for concerted mass-action to overwhelm a hosts immune system. (see Bonnie Bassler).

That is neat though

I remember hearing about a psychic surgeon who used chicken guts in little ziploc bags as special effects during the fake surgeries. He was from central America and preyed on hispanics in the US as they tend to believe in that stuff wholeheartedly.

i read that “psychic” surgery is mostly a Brazilian or Filipino thing, but i suppose its convergent evolution of con-artistry


That Carson show was from the '80.

The Amazing Randy was busy exposing them left and right. But those that believed, ignored all the evidence that debunked their beliefs.

Faith being stronger than sober evidence. As for all those that knew better, it simply didn’t matter. What could go wrong? Reminds me of something Martin Niemöller once wrote.

Randi gained the international spotlight in 1972 when he publicly challenged the claims of Uri Geller. He accused Geller of being nothing more than a charlatan and a fraud who used standard magic tricks to accomplish his allegedly paranormal feats, and he presented his claims in the book The Truth About Uri Geller (1982).[26][46][47]

too bad randi never wrote anything about this certain psychic! She apperently got quite famous in Latin America

Of course i had to find this apperently this person is related to that “psychic” healer i told you all about. Does anyone here speak good Spanish because from what I can understand of it she is upset that a video had accused the psychic of being a fraud