Americans dancing in the streets again

Popping champagne and dancing, people take to the streets across the US to celebrate Biden, Harris win
Joshua Bote Jay Cannon USA TODAY

PUBLISHED: 11:57 EST, November 7, 2020 | UPDATED: 13:33 EST, 7 November 2020

Nationwide, people took to the streets in celebration of President-elect Joe Biden’s victory in the 2020 elections, after he reached the 270 vote minimum to beat President Donald Trump.

Pennsylvania was called for Biden by the Associated Press at around 11:30 a.m. EST, and the response immediately after was swift.

“I will be a President for all Americans — whether you voted for me or not,” Biden tweeted shorty after his win was confirmed. “I will keep the faith that you have placed in me.”

Cheers and car horns honking were heard throughout the streets of America’s major metropolitan cities, including New York City, Los Angeles and Philadelphia — which was crucial in clinching the Biden win. Some even busted out bubbly beverages outside.

At least hundreds have gathered outside of the White House in Washington, D.C., holding up Biden campaign signs.

On Twitter, people shared reactions live on the street — while many others recorded from the comfort of their own homes, where the din of celebration could be heard far outside.

See more reactions throughout the nation below.



Have you seen the goodbye letters?

Yeah, that one belongs under:

So tell me, why the hell did you* vote for trump? Can you explain it? Can we talk about it?

Trump flag wavers, that is, not you Lausten!!!


Incidentally, my wife’s been watching the celebration and speech, Kamala right now, and Oh wait the big man is coming up the President-Elect of these United States of America Joe Biden (crowd break up in uproarious applause) - but like was saying, my wife pointed out as the camera panned the crowd, notice all those flags being waved. They are all American flag, not a one has BIDEN stamped on it.


Oh and Biden just promised to work towards uniting rather than dividing. Good start. :slight_smile:

Have you seen the goodbye letters?

Slate -com/tag/donald-trump

Have you seen his legal team announcing their challenge against the American people


Just read that link. It’s so bizarre, I imagine mainstream news is having trouble deciding what to say. The Fantasy store has a marketing dream there.

Oh yeah! I’m so happy today because even if we have drag out the dotard in chains (and we will have to) and lock him up, January 20 is going to be a bright new day, where COVID-19 will start to become in control and our country will get better in more ways than one. My people are back in the Big House. :smiley: Well, President Obama won’t be, except to maybe visit President Joe Biden, but we have Joe and Kamala. :smiley: I’ve been doing a happy dance most of the day today. OK maybe I cooled it a bit while at work, but nonetheless there were a couple of customers celebrating with me. :smiley:

Just party all night long

I admit I’m not feeling it. This probably goes way back to one of the first meetings with “Braver Angels”. They invited a lineup of black leaders and did a good job of asking open ended questions about what they could be doing to address their issues. Braver Angels has been accused of being a white suburban based group and it’s a label that has some data to back it up. One of them noted that we suddenly decided to organize after Trump showed up, which was a threat to white middle and upper class, so, the question was, “where had we been”. The co-founder said something like, “well, that’s a fair question”.

My question today is, where will we be? Will we, the privileged, heave a sigh of relief that our shit didn’t get burned down? That the boards on our businesses will come down, unlike those in Detroit or South Philly? Or will we keep pushing for more change?

Yes, I know I’m being a downer. Maybe it’s just because I’m old and get dizzy if I dance for too long.

@lausten I’m hoping we keep pushing for change and quite honestly, Kamala is the change I’ve been wanting ever since I voted for the first at the age of 18 for Ferraro. Yes, Mondale was running for President. I’ve been waiting for this for over 1/2 my life. We got President Obama, which was wonderful, but it is going like the voting rights- Black men first, then women got the right to vote (except we didn’t exactly). I grew up reading MS magazine and the dotard needs more than “a thump on the head” concerning his views and talk about women. Gloria Steinem fought for the ERA and women got credit cards and banking accounts without a man, but women have long since needed more. So basically, all of this, is a continuation of all of this- Civil Rights, Equal Rights, etc etc. The people placed in the White House in 2008 and 2012 and now again in 2020 are the very people who are fighting for the same things long before the 60s and yet what I’ve been fighting for all my adult life. Everything the dotard took from us, is the very thing they will try hard to give back to us. I know this because Biden and Kamala are the very same people I helped to put in the White House in 2008 and 2012 (OK Kamala isn’t Barack Obama, but you get it). It’s not a Black thang or a White thing, It’s not a man thing or a woman thingy. It’s a human thing and that’s what makes me ecstatic, as well as elated, and we did it again. We broke barriers. These wins are wins for women and people of colour. They have meanings- very human meanings, which have been fought for for generations. And IMHO that’s something the happy human can dance about. We can’t feel these human emotions with the dotard because it’s all negative due to all the hateful oppression. It’s like a huge cloud has lifted knowing they, we (via representation) will soon be in the White House again. That’s what we’re feeling so exuberant about. All that happened today has meaning and hopefully we can keep it going this time and not drop the ball again in four years.

Once the FBI gets involved and the prospect of serving 10 years in jail for election fraud sinks in it won’t take more than one little guy making a plea deal to start the dominos falling.