The war of China ? what are the triggers, what are the potential threats?

I was talking in another forum some argued they did not know what are failsafe that could trigger war and how to stop them ?

1: Economy of China if it ever plummets and the stock market goes into crisis because of China’s bad decision their leaders make of course they won’t right now. But indeed such things do happen reccesion happens and A turmoil happens in all the country. China is obligated to do martial law and replace the leaders. Food crisis follows and people can buy anything. In such conditions they will have to invade another small counrty, cut government budgets, and military will control.

2:Military Industrial Complex of China grows without stop and exceed that of the whole world combining creates techonlogy that government uses to apply control and Orson Welles worst vision/nightmare goes to new boundaries talking like Gattaca but using drones to control the entire population and millions of drones are airborne. Making all nations near china edgy and considering to be to powerful that all nations unite to invade it.

3:Bio Terorrist or International Hackers level try to provoke war between the neighbors cliaming all cyber threats and bio-attacks come from China making it the scapegoat. Bio attacks claiming between India and China and saying India is fault so China attack it or viceversa.

  1. A Natural Disaster of huge proportions like Tsunami that devastates the Coasts of China and was caused by A country to provoke war.

This are simple still but in your opinion what can stop this events ? in your experience and create solutions to stop all this promblems from ever occuring.

What can China do to stop this promblems ?

  1. I give that China doesn’t go full police state and doesn’t use drones as excessively but instead gives Green projects A neccesary thing in all of China to create A new form of money involving green energy such building solar panels cheap and giving grants to business to build them for all of China. Create new system of water for all of China there is techonlogy where machines can get water from air and will do enourmous of good for the population that way civil unrest and food crisis can be averted. There is the techonlogy and people can have it make A system that is not digita and find ways to still give analog systems control to people isntead of government.

  2. Create new internet that cannot be online but need of smaller devices that can connect like lasers between each other satelite internet uses laser to send on top of houses that way control can be applied. Some same device and tactic so Hackers can be limited to take down dams or power plants. Finally create new type of machines with fans that can throw antibiotics in the air making the passing of bacteria in the air to drop drastically. That way diseas can be stopped and create harder checkpoints in all cities.

This is one about being invaded by neightbours part of number three, they build around thier counrty nuclear powerplants. Yes, indeed seems like an extreme decision but if 1000 of plants are placed around China. Russia and India will not go to war with China and indeed do everything to stop such attack and protecting China.

Find solutions for two and three but in your opinon what could and stop any method of War in China ?

China’s economy has been suffering since the pandemic started. They aren’t doing any better than the rest of the world due to the economy. That said, I have no clue what makes you think China is going to start a war. They have enough problems as is due to the pandemic. They won’t make any money going to war.

Those are some pretty far-fetched ideas.

I’d more expect to see unicorns invade from Wakanda farting prozac and xanax to calm down the tyrants and military.

:rofl: It would help to calm tyrants and military.

Unicrons are misinterpreted they are lambs not horses, back in medieval times the symbol that represented Jesus was A lamb with one horn but changed to A unicorn. Unicorns do not exist something that change thru time and became A stupid horse with one horn. Prozac and Zanaz do exist heady but unicorns do not. ;D

The unicorns were too busy playing when Noah was loading the ark.

Their descendants adapted and survive to this day in the seas.

It’s the USA that’s pushing for war with China. US Generals want war now before chinas military gets to strong

keep mocking religion mrmhead.



You do realize you are on an atheist website, don’t you? True to nature, we do have a tendency to mock religion and why not? It’s only mythology.


The time to invade China for USA was back in World War 2 that was the best time to occupy it, what happen after the 60’s the chinese had help from the Russians and if Russia sees USA and the allies it wouldn’t allow another front to it’s border. After world war 2 everything was going to go to the atomic age and when that happen technology would gave China and India the power to defend it’s borders. No, USA and the allies to have all conquered it was during world war 2 if they had invaded it all and conquered Germany before the Sovite Union they would of subjugated all of Asia.

But technology changes it all.

First off, China holds all the cards. Just go into Walmart and try finding something made in North America other than food. The G7 is fully dependent on China and China is dependent on the G7. Direct war benefits no one. The USA has no zest for a direct war.
One thing that countries have learned over the years is that war conducted against an unsupported enemy produces excellent revenue with limited losses, IE, the War on Terror, Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq.
Campaigns of world war are a thing of the past. There are too many big players and there is no outcome or scenario that will see one player come out on top. War is still waged, but behind the scenes using intelligence and economics.
We will still see wars in the future, just not on a world scale with the exception of faceless enemies like COVID.

USA and China are super powers. Russia is a big power, with many weaknesses. Europe and India are potential powers.

All are in competition for world domination. world is not a place for care bears.

Orwell dreamed about it, Chinese leaders did it.

China is a totalitarian cybernetic state with nationalistic ambitions, and is trying to build its power with the new silk roads. Its money buys support in ONU.

The policy of China in West pacific shows that it is expanding and does not give a dam about its neighbors rights.

Chinese leaders have shown they will never respect a treaty except if they have an high interest to do it.

USA are not pure innocent virgins either. No need to illustrate.

And yes, nobody wants war and every one is dependent from the others ones.

But beside open war, everything is allowed.

That seemed a pretty wild claim, so I did a little homework.
So what’s your game Arikel, where have you been getting your information from?

Explainer | How does China’s military compare to the US’? | South China Morning Post

US-China rivalry: who has the stronger military?

  • China has the weight of numbers on its side, but America has various technological and financial advantages
  • The PLA intends to become a modern fighting force within the next six years, but will need to overcome problems with training and equipment

I’ll admit I don’t know how trust worthy the South China Morning Post is, but the article sounded a lot more balanced than your opening statement.

Although the article seems in line with what these folks have to say. USA vs China | Comparison military strength

I’ve seen a lot of good responses.
But considering you’re fact-free opening, not sure what the point would be in engaging you in a discussion?

So I’ll sign off

One thing seems clear. In an all-out nuclear war, China and India would most likely survive as nations due to their sheer numbers in population.

•China: 1.402 billion

•India: 1.38 billion

•United States: 329.5 million

Albert Einstien said “I do not know what weapons world war lll will be fough, but world war lV will be fought with sticks and stones” Their is no future with war with India, USA, China, and Russia will all end into nuclear war.

And I am afraid that after such calamity the Americans will turn on each other and finish the job of wiping out this great experiment in democracy.

Humans are able to control and use natural processes to their own ends, but in principle Nature will always select for balance and stability , no matter how that comes about.

In the past few days Nature has claimed more damage than decades of living in
luxury and using sequestered carbon resources to support a excessive lifestyle.


That’s why the expression “Don’t fool with mother Nature”. The price you pay is not worth the lack of respect for what took billions of years of evolved stabilization of the earth’s ecosphere.

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misquote of a myth perpetuated.

I just did a google search and I can find that quote credited to Einstein in a bunch of seemingly reliable places, where did you read it differently?

signed, curious

Maybe I’m being pedantic. Maybe Einstein did say something like that, but it doesn’t seem he was the first.



And I remembered first hearing the quote as “sticks and spears” (or was it “stones and spears”) … this was back before the internet with all the misleading information being right at your fingertips.

Joe Laitin reports that reporters at Bikini were questioning an Army Lt. about what weapons would be used in the next war. I dunno, he said, but in the war after the next war, sure as hell, they’ll be using spears!