Amazon to Mail Center Inquiry

So basically I got a confirmation yesterday that my package was delivered by amazon to the mail center, I still haven’t gotten a confirmation from the mail center. Is it normal for a package to process for a couple days before it is ready for pickup?

This isn’t a CFI thing, but having some experience with Amazon, you may want to contact the seller and tell them about it, even ask them if it went somewhere else or what, since it hasn’t arrived.


How on earth did a post like that above and another on political science end up in this forum? These posters must sign up before they can post. Obviously, they didn’t bother to check what inquiry center CFI is. They are like the bugs that could somehow get into my ceiling fan light.

I say that about many of your posts Sree.

@sree , I’m with Lausten on that, but that said, anyone can sign up to the forum and some read the rules and some don’t. As for Political Science, that is something CFI gets involved with. However, I’m not sure which political science post you are referring to.