All your questions can be answered in 5 letters. JESUS!

@Dad1. All your questions can be answered in 5 letters. Jesus.
... and you darned well better not long for more.

Guess that really says it all, doesn’t it? I sure hear enough of it when surfing through christian radio, to know how true that is. They would have one think the only purpose to living is worship, endlessly praise a creature of their own fabrication. That is to subjugate everything fast as possible.

It’s the easy answer for everything: Jesus. No thinking necessary.

The world was made in 6 thousand years,

We are here to consume it fast as we can. No guilt when it come “others”.

Then we die. But wait, sure our body withers away, still we are supposed to live and go to hell or heaven for ever and ever. That’s it. All you need is reading and believing the Bible and Jesus, as the only thing in the universe that matters. Well that and listening to your preacher’s interpretation of those ancient tribal stories.

For those who are driven to curiosity and a desire to understand the world we exist within, it’s an intellectual ‘sweatbox’. There’s no room for growth, there’s no chance to understand what’s going on out there in the natural world. There’s no way to learn about ourselves in a meaningful manner. Trapped within nothing but a personal ego trip that unfolds within our minds - that is, a god of the universe personally interested in us or me. Come on humans have existed upon this planet for only the most recent sliver of Earth’s natural history, if a god there be it would be mighty blasphemous to reject 99.99% of Creation’s history.

It’s much more beautiful and sensible to come to terms with Earth being our Creator, and moving on from there. But, it’s a little late for that. Those tipping points have a way of sneaking up on the unwary, just ask Wile E. Coyote.


I much more prefer and am gratified by my life time of curiosity and pro-active learning about Earth, her creatures and life stages and myself, along with her folds within folds of harmonic cumulative processes and being amazed at how it informs and enriches my day to days.





The baby dies.

Yes, that is true. But, children and grown people also die and life goes on. What’s your point?


"The baby dies.

Yes, that is true. But, children and grown people also die and life goes on. What’s your point?"




You do realise he has been blocked him? You’re talking with yourself.

@dad1 was banned. I doubt he’ll be replying to your posts.

Who says I was aiming at Daddio, he was like talking to a brick wall anyways.

He statement was still worth a closer look - and since I was iced, I didn’t have a chance to do it in a timely manner.

The points are still worth making.

djtexas - no I’m not talking to myself. I’m talking to the ether. Who are you talking to?

Of course, if you wanted to simply go after the OP, have at it. This is supposed to be an open discussion forum, for intelligent discussion.


Cheers, oh and welcome to the forum dj, says the grumpy old guy.

An exemple about the way religious fanatics see reality :

I have practiced table top role playing games since 1980 and i have never practiced witchcraft. A pity it seems?


Cheers, oh and welcome to the forum dj, says the grumpy old guy. -- CC
People sometimes comment on 3 year old posts. I think it's fine. I might note to people that the user in question hasn't posted in years, simply because I have that history. But I can see no reason for pointing that out in any kind of derogatory manner, or any indication that the person is stupid.

With a guy like dad1, I assume I’m talking to myself from the first response, and to people who are just reading, but not posting . He was very predictable, although each unreasonable person has a unique flavor, so it can be interesting to see what might work. I post in response because I know people lurk this forum pretty regularly. if they hit on it because someone was searching for dad1’s perspective, I want to be sure they also see another perspective.


With Dad1 I could not help but think of religious things I have heard over the years. Like the time 20 girls burned to death in a building because they could not meet the religious dress requirement they were taught before they could leave the building. So, if you were talking to Dad1 as a person at a baseball game you would most likely get a good response. But once the religious factor kicks in you get his teachings. This is a human trait. It is the same trait that has kept some non-deity religions following reincarnation. There is no way you are going to change someone’s mind like Dad1 or the twenty girls who would not leave the burning building.

Dad1 answers did not seem to have malice. I think he believed that God would guide him with answers from the bible. When unable to find the answers, it was Dad1 that looked uncomfortable and was skipping the questions. The cannibalism was a lot more than he bargained for mentally and will most likely be in the back of his mind the rest of his life. I would bet that Dad1 thinks Mriana banned God from this site. Watch out for lighting Mriana.

CC, my understanding from talking to the religious educated is that you are only a spirit in heaven, live forever. Kind of like a mist or smoke. But I am told your body burns forever in hell. Meaning you have a body in hell. I’m thinking what’s a little burn if you can still have sex.