All Seasons Press: Meadows can't have it both ways - You Are Served!

… Meadows devoted significant length in “The Chief’s Chief” to the unfounded and widely debunked theories that widespread election fraud cost Trump the White House. At the time, Meadows’ claims made sense because later evidence and testimony would reveal that few, if any, figures inside the White House pushed harder to overturn the election than Trump’s chief of staff. All Seasons claims that now something is amiss.

All Seasons Press, which has worked with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and published a Tucker Carlson biography, is suing Meadows for his $350,000 book advance, more than $1 million in estimated lost profits and other damages, $600,000 in other costs, and attorney fees. A representative for Meadows did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

Probably an interesting story here, but it’s behind a paywall

Nov 5, 2023
MeidasTouch host Ben Meiselas reports on the lawsuit filed against Mark Meadows by the company that published his autobiography after it was reported his entire book was a lie to help Trump and contradicted by his under oath testimony to Special Counsel Jack Smith.

.All these characters think about is about is advancing their own avarice, in total disregard for everyone else in the community. People used to go into public service because they wanted to help lead society, most all self-serving to one extent or the other, that’s human, but above that there was a sense of duty toward community and society and democratic governance. It’s totally trashed these days, . . .

The total lack of integrity, sense of duty, not to mention non-existent patriotism, is mind boggling. Welcome to the me, me, me world, greed is good mentality. Where do you think these baby-men “leaders” are going to take our country?

Most frightening is the type of egregious lying has been normalized, and in fact, reinforced and ingrained via mass media, which so many seem to depend on. and so on . . .

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