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Hello. This is Carolyn, a journalist and recently retired university prof. I have a dilemma, which is why I joined Skeptical Inquirer. Decades back, I published a number of articles that touch on or investigate various pseudosciences. In a fairly kindly, narrative manner, I investigated Water Dowsing (New Yorker, October 1989), The Aetherius Society (English Language Notes, 2009), Exorcism (Lit and Pseudoscience) etc. Possibly as an act of revenge by the jilted spirits, my partner of 20 years fell in love with a past-life regression “Therapist” who does “Quantum Healing,” and is a follower of Dolores Cannon, someone whose “Quantum” practice I’d once investigated. This particularly irks me as a former science writer, because of the false veil of science the terminology implies. Anyway, my partner and I have reunited, and I’m trying to convey, in a non-vindictive way, how wrong-headed this form of “therapy” is. Does anyone have suggestions on a clear-headed investigation of past lives therapy (I already made him read The Demon-Haunted World ). Also, is there anywhere on Skeptical Inquirer where I could find a discussion of Quantum Healing?