A Timeline: Russia and President Trump

This seems worth making it’s own thread and perhaps continue to keep the timeline up to date.
Please contribute related news worth sharing.

http://billmoyers.com/story/the-trump-resistance-plan-a-timeline-russia-and-president-trump/ A Timeline: Russia and President Trump Investigative reporters have begun to flesh out the Trump/Russia timeline. To keep everything in one location, here’s an updated summary (so far). BY STEVEN HARPER | MAY 18, 2017 This timeline has been updated. 1979: Roger Stone is introduced to Donald Trump by notorious attorney Roy Cohn. [Added March 27, 2017] 1980: Roger Stone founds a lobbying practice with Paul Manafort; Trump becomes one of Stone’s first clients. In the 1980s, Trump hires Manafort as his lawyer on gambling and real estate issues. By 1988, Stone is one of Trump’s closest advisers. [Added March 27, 2017] ... May 18, 2017: Trump tweets: This is the single greatest witch hunt of a politician in American history! {quite the informative review, check it out}
Ya know I listen to right wing radio out of curiosity and a lot of people still believe him. That's the big issue and the big forever problem, since they and where they are coming from ain't going away. Problem today with so many so self-defensive and slippery, we talk at each other or past each other - serious button-holing and confronting doesn't happen any more. Everyone has too thin skins and is too busy defending him/herself to pay any attention to what's actually trying to be explained. Guess that's the thing with reliance on dismissal, slander, ridicule - there's nothing there to confront in a constructive manner. It's all just mud wrestling.

Well, not everybody. :-/
I think it can be said for those who need to hide behind hate-speech and deliberate character assassination and the fabrication of alt-realities, in defiance of experts and common sense, in order to keep the dialogue away from serious fact based constructive dialogue.
… but no body wants to talk about that. :blank: