A fun excursion into the real world. Wood Bending - Woodworking Skills

After all the weirdness of looking at 9/11 conspiracy ideation earlier I was looking for something real and wound up with my coolest You Tube discovery since
Central Washington Unviersity geology professor Nick Zentner and his wonderful collection of exciting informative up to date Geology talks.
A nice real action tutorial on a bit of down to Earth woodworking.

Published on Feb 11, 2017 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eXzk86vyOGc {Don't know the guy's name but it was on the Woodworking Skills channel.} Wood bending is intriguing to the vast majority of woodworkers, but until now most have not had access to the information they need to add it to their repertoire. "Wood Bending : Tips, Tricks , Techniques for Beginner woodworking" will explains and demonstrates both steam bending (where steam relaxes wood fibers so they can be shaped when clamped to a bending form) and bent lamination (where thin strips of wood are glued together, then clamped to a bending form). this video shows just how easy it can be to master these techniques, even using relatively low-tech equipment. The art of bending wood confounds most woodworkers, yet it is surprisingly easy to do with the basic methods in this complete guide.
Simple spoken, concise, all the necessary steps, mise en place out of the kitchen, but still at it's best. I've never done this level of woodworking, but it was still mesmerizing to watch, besides it included lessons applicable to other tasks. What weirds me out is that so many these days rather embrace fantasies than engaging this sort real world physics. Darron, I know you're into wood working - if your not familiar with him, trust me, you'll be impressed.

“Wood Bending : Tips, Tricks , Techniques for Beginner woodworking”

Way cool. I’ll look into these in depth when I get home. I’ve seen some local artisans’ woodbending work and been mightily impressed.