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Hope you don’t mind Doug.
Who knows there may be someone interested and what can ya say, except that every f’n person matters.

www.December19.US - Make Your Voice Heard About December 19, 2016 We the People will come together at every state capital across the United States to call on the Electors of the Electoral College to listen to the voice of the people and refuse to cast their ballots for Donald Trump. We are trying to something that has never been done before: use the Electoral College to stop an incoming President-Elect from taking power. Trump will only take office if 270 Electors decide to cast their ballot for him, despite so many reasons not to: losing the popular vote, his dangerous bigotry, and blatant conflicts of interest with foreign powers. But for Republican Electors to break rank and vote their conscience, we need to mobilize thousands of people at all 50 state capitols across the country so that they know the people are behind them. To mobilize at that scale, we need organizers. Over 1,600 incredible people have signed up to volunteer with December 19 in just the past few days. Now we're looking for full-time State Organizers to support and coordinate those volunteers in as many states as possible. If you're ready to organize full-time with December 19 from now until the 12/20 and to put in your heart and soul into this campaign for the next week, we want to know. Read this job description]. And if you're ready to join the team, send your resume to with the subject line, "State Organizer".