95 yr old falls, gets black eye and 14 stitches

But he still made it to a concert that evening which was supporting Habitat for Humanities. And the next day, he was helping build a house for Humanities.

When will he ever have time to tweet?


Isn’t he an amazing human being?

You know, he only served 1 term. He is eligible to be POTUS for 1 more. That would make him close to a hundred when he finished his 4 years.

We need more headlines like this. You always see headlines like “95 year old man dies”. Really??!! You don’t say! It seems like it would be more newsworthy to have a headline more like, “95 year old man still alive”. THIS is a story with some meaning to it. “Old person dies”, not so much.

I get knocked down, but I get up again… America! Jimmy 2020

Well, since then, another fall, with a pelvis injury. He still taught Bible school tho.

Now, he is back in the hospital for surgery to stop a brain bleed.

Stuff is mounting up. But 95 and still alive, so far.

So far so good. The surgery went fine.