WTF, right? Anyone want to talk about this latest trump drama? {WTFJHT}

The lack of real engagement is what really frightens me, people have become like flotsam, insulated in our varied comfort zones,
sensing that a veritable hell is marching at us, fixated on the now, squeezing out what good times one can muster,
years worth of inculcated disconnect from things that make our lives special and unique and possible,
and also a losing appreciation for how profoundly dependent we are on our “environment”, … you know biosphere, evolution,
and weather system, climate and all that quaint David Attenborough stuff.
All the stuff that made our society possible in the first place.
I’ll admit I haven’t spent much time at their forum, there’s only so much one can deal with, but I’d hope there were others ready to start engaging.
The one thing I know for sure is that Mike and his friends are really keeping track
and documenting the day by day unfolding trump fiasco, hell American Tragedy.
The forum is a place to go and vent a little and to learn a lot.

WTF Just Happened Today? Day 224: Tag teamed. Documenting the unfolding trump fiasco. 1/ Robert Mueller and the New York attorney general have teamed up to investigate Paul Manafort and his financial transactions. Mueller and Eric Schneiderman have been sharing evidence on potential financial crimes, including potential money laundering, as well as attempting to get Manafort to cooperate by approaching his family members and former business partners. Several firms and people who have worked with him have received subpoenas. Mueller working with New York state is important because Trump's pardon power does not extend to state crimes. If Manafort or anyone else is charged under New York law, there will be nothing Trump can do about it. (Politico / Washington Post) 2/ Manafort's notes from the Trump Tower meeting mentioned "donations" near a reference to the Republican National Committee. Investigators want to know if the meeting included discussion of donations from Russians to either the Trump campaign or the Republican Party. It is illegal for foreigners to donate to American elections. (NBC News) Manafort's political-consulting work often involved Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska, whose ventures have aligned with some of Putin’s foreign-policy objectives. Manafort worked with Deripaska for more than a decade on projects in Ukraine, Georgia, Montenegro, and other countries of political interest to Russia and its sphere of influence. Deripaska has offered to give testimony about alleged Russian meddling in the election to the House and Senate intelligence committees in exchange for immunity. (Wall Street Journal) 3/ Mueller's grand jury heard testimony from the Russian-American lobbyist who attended the Trump Jr.-Russian lawyer meeting. Rinat Akhmetshin, a former Soviet military officer who served in a counterintelligence unit, testified before the jury for several hours on August 11th, signaling that Mueller is including the controversial Trump Tower meeting in his investigation. (Associated Press / The Hill / Financial Times) 4/ Trump's lawyer "vehemently" denied working with Russia to disrupt the election. Michael Cohen gave Congress a point-by-point rebuttal of the 35-page dossier compiled by retired British spy Christopher Steele, which alleges he has deep ties to Russian officials. Cohen denied the dossier's claims, including that he had secret meetings in Prague with a Russian official last summer. (New York Times) 5/ Trump's outside legal team submitted memos to Mueller arguing that Trump didn’t obstruct justice when he fired James Comey and called into question Comey’s reliability as a potential witness. Trump's attorneys hope the memos will end Mueller's obstruction of justice investigation. (Wall Street Journal) 6/ The State Department ordered Russia to close its consulate in San Francisco and two annex buildings in Washington, D.C. and New York City. The move comes in response to the Kremlin’s decision to cut American diplomatic and technical staff in Russia by more than half, which itself was in response to Congress approving new sanctions against Russia. (Reuters) 7/ Trump is expected to rescind Obama's Dreamer policy. The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, protects nearly 600,000 immigrants who entered the country illegally as children. They will be allowed to stay until their work permits expire. (Reuters / McClatchy DC) 8/ Health and Human Services cut the Affordable Care Act budget by 90%. They'll spend $10 million promoting open enrollment, which starts in November. The Obama administration spent $100 million last year. (Axios) 9/ Trump's treasury secretary won’t commit to putting Harriet Tubman on $20 bill. Last year, Obama and his treasury secretary proposed to replace Andrew Jackson’s image with Tubman, the famous abolitionist who helped free enslaved people. She would be the first woman on American paper money as well as the first African American. (Washington Post) 10/ Jim Mattis signed orders to send additional troops to Afghanistan. The defense secretary didn't specify the size of the force, but Trump previously authorized him to send about 4,000 additional troops to Afghanistan. There are about 11,000 US troops are serving in Afghanistan. (Reuters) 11/ The net neutrality comment period ended with nearly 22 million total replies. A telecom-backed study found that more than 90% of the comments were pre-written form letters. Of the unique comments, 98.5% of unique net neutrality comments oppose the plan to repeal the rules. The FCC has said it would consider the quality, not the quantity, of the comments in justifying its plans for net neutrality. (Recode / Ars Technica) ? WTF, right? Let's talk about it in the WTFJHT members forum.
A healthy democracy demands and informed and engaged citizenry. Can you lend a hand. :cheese:

hell, keep hoping someone would tossing some favorites.
how’z about today’s gem

Welcome to Day 230. Dozens of government lobbyists and contractors have memberships at Trump’s private golf clubs. At least 50 executives whose companies hold federal contracts and 21 lobbyists and trade group officials are members of the golf clubs Trump has visited most often as president – two-thirds have played the same day Trump was there. While legal, ethics experts questioned whether it’s appropriate for a sitting president to collect money from lobbyists trying to shape policy or win government business. (USA Today)
yeah yawn. :down:

Gonna be rough, no matter how all this unfolds . . . ... poll/ 49% of voters support impeaching Trump, to 41% who are opposed to doing so. Of Trump voters, 79% think he should remain in office even if collusion is proven, and 75% claim the entire Russia story is “fake news." (Public Policy Polling) That’s part of a general pattern when it comes to Trump voters and the Russia story. Only 7% believe that members of Trump’s campaign team worked in association with Russia to help him win the election, to 83% who don’t think that happened. And even if collusion is proven they don’t care- just 11% think Trump should resign if that’s the case to 79% who believe he should remain in office. 75% dismiss the entire Russia story as ‘fake news,’ to 13% who disagree with that assessment. This poll was conducted mostly after the news that indictments were coming was out, but before the actual indictments were released. The Trump base is reflexively lining up behind him on Russia issues. The issues that are actually getting relatively tepid support from his base and causing his numbers to go into the ground are things like tax reform and health care. Just 29% of voters support the Congressional Republicans’ tax plan to 49% who are opposed to it, and even among Trump voters there’s just 61% support. 53% of voters think it will mostly help the rich to 28% who believe middle income families will be the biggest beneficiaries, and 7% who think it will be low income families. Trump and Republicans do similarly poorly when it comes to their efforts on health care. 51% of voters now support the Affordable Care Act to just 33% who oppose it, reflecting its increased popularity this year in the wake of efforts to repeal it. Even among Trump voters there is now only 61% opposition to the ACA. ...
Considering Trump supporters couldn't give a flying fu about truth or honest or integrity, all they want is to kick others in their faces.