Would I Nationalize Essential Services

This thread is to respond to Player’s question to me in another thread. It is unrelated to the other thread.

3 point – but you wouldnt go so far as nationaling essential services or worker cooperatives or eliminating public funding of the private sector e.g. tax money hand out to private schools or hospitals??
Yes. I would.

Anything considered ‘essential’ should never be run as a for-profit business.

You can’t make much money off of poor people, so it is inevitable that they will, on average, get less, creating a cycle of repression.

A classless society is the goal

Class: the system of ordering a society in which people are divided into sets based on perceived social or economic status.

I see no value and lots of harm in dividing society into classes, so having a classless society sounds like a good goal.

How anyone can claim to be moral and still push for a heavily capitalist system is hard for me to understand. Competition isn’t inherently bad or good, so I have no desire to eliminate it. But get it out of the delivery of essential services and make the playing field completely level so whenever there is competition it is always fair.

Lots of things that are assumed to be ‘right’ and ‘fair’ (such as inheritances) are actually not, so there will be incredible resistance by those who are currently favored by the current system.