Women the gifts G-d gave to them, A list of powerful verses and scripture G-d gave to women

Know that their is more information and property A women can have it their is a law that if a man dies and brother does not want to marry. The wife goes to council they remove his sandal and the women slaps that brother and she keeps the property. Know A women can have property and keep it. Many things the bible has influence the english in the magna carta and other things in laws in western culture.

And also God originally is not man or women he says he is consuming fire originally when created the universe but bear, hammer, arrows, thunder as his voice, coming as Jesus as A man, being A women who gave birth, and mother hen are things that represent him and his character for he is a mysterious God. And he only lets us know few things about all of him because he is powerful and his ways are mysterious.

Their many more things like the hardships women face in the bible and thanks to their wise decisions like rebekah treachery and things they help men to complete the law and the heart things throughout history. Women have sacrificied everything if it weren’t for women like Esther to save her people, women like Deoborah even though she killed, and women like thedaughter in law of Judah who lost his sons but her daughter in law trick her to sleep with him. And save the bloodline of Judah for he was old. The kingdoms of Isreal would of not existed and the state of Israel would of not of existed. Thanks to those brave women even though it brings debate and contradiction of thier actions remember Abraham lied, Jacob lied and tricked Laban and other prophets did the same in order to accomplish the will of God.

We are no one to judge he will judge it all but everything in life wether bad or good will work in the end to make great things like Israel and the path for Israel to teach and give the word of God to all. Women have important part in the will of God and his plan. Read about the plan of God that the will is to make his plan A reality.

Some are the same like singing and love but birth and hair and one other that is only women’s is what God gave them remember in the bible God uses images like arrows, hammers, swords masculie things God gave men and says are aprt of his character and doing. The lord says he is a mighty host of armies. He uses men as a symbol of himself and part of his character. Do we men have gifts yes but do women have gifts yes more than 4 or 5 times in the bible says he is A woman, he uses woman as representation of his character and secret ways he is so also he uses the chicken tells Israel how he wanted them under his wings, the bible says God is bear mother who takes care of his childs, A mother eagle in psalms watchign over her nest, and chicken which cover her hatchlingd God uses feminine side to represent him and reveal his character. Is women part of God has God in the bible shown he is A women ? yes in proverbs 8 thru 9 chapter Solomon writes on how God shows her wisdom as A woman and shows, he is A women who scream when giving birth, A women who worries for his children, A women who found A coin in the new testament as a Parable Solomon understood this way of God.

For remember God is niether man or female he is above all this he just gives us A small part of him the most ancient way God says he is and represents him is that he is not human or man or women but consuming Fire !!! Deuteronomy 4:24 that is what he says in the beggining God gave Adam A part of him and gave Women A part of him aswell. He loves so much women that God gave them reasoning and man aswell to know he is thier creator but know that besides man havings swords, hamemrs, and tools men use. Women have singing, birth, and love unique to them that man do not have. Their is A reason for why God gave women hair, and gave them the ability only God can do that is gave life !!! like he does when women give birth. Even though unspoken about how God gives birth and demostrate part of him in women. Know those are the things God gave women and belongs to them.

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There are some men with some awesome singing voices, like Lou Rawls.

Now what laws were for protecting women? It’s more like oppressing women and most of those laws were written by man, not by a deity. The Bible was written by man and inspired by man.

@arikel88 are you here to evangelize or to participate in quality and civil discussions? If you are here to preach, then maybe leaving now would be the best idea for you.

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Before you melt with adoration of scripture, you may want to take a peek at the other things God gave humans.


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You want to become believable?
Tell us about God and His properties, where He lives, and how He can override natural laws.

If you know God, this is the least we can expect you to know, because if you don’t you don’t have a clue as to what you’re talking about.
We already know you are not well educated, but let’s see what you think, not what the bible says, because half of that has been proven to be not true…

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Heavens to betsy A gun :open_mouth: nope but I have laptops and go around that mind you do not worry for I very abstained from mockery and will not be intimidated. No carry on know that everything is part of the pan of God except the ar-15 write4u mention now and horrible he called me or adressed me as a mininon of the devil don’t know how I hate that guy. Has proven my that i’m right only does not mean by chance anything amounts to nothing but contrary proves i’m right. And obnoxious not really nice fell I am but misunderstood.

I don’t b have time for the guy. It’s a thing. Hang on.

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