Woman gets kicked down an escalator

Apparently, the woman had the audacity to tell the guy that he should at least say excuse me when passing a person on the escalator.


In his defense, there really IS only one stairway to Heaven, and he was SURE to be the one who got there first! Also, if you listen to the video real close, you can hear the guy saying “This is SPARTA!” before kicking her.

And the other person just watched her roll down the escalator.

I think she was just afraid of what he’d do to her if she said anything.

Ah the trump nation.

She could have gone back and helped the woman that was kicked down the stairs.

I’ve never allowed fear to stop me from helping another person.

True, maybe not confront the guy, but at least see if the woman was ok, and do what she could to help her. The crazy part about all this is the guy looks as though he was well-to-do. He wasn’t some crazy homeless guy, or some thug you’d assume would react in such a way.


We had this happen not even a quarter-mile from where we live.

I’m one who believes there are times to be cautious. Early morning homeless people are people I tend to be wary of.

Most homeless are lonely scared and harmless.
Not that there aren’t any predators and thugs among them,
however -
There are probably more well-to-do nicely dressed honestly malicious thugs running around than there are homeless people out there. Especially in these days of trumpian totalitarianism running rampant.

The thugs art capital hill are what everyone in the left always refers to even though a vast majority of conservatives were completely against the incident. Then if they can’t use that against the conservatives they go back some 30+ years to blame all modern day conservatives as thugs. The far greater majority are now coming from the left. The modern day fascist is by far the majority the leftists. I think we need a separate post on this topic alone. One where we are able to recharge our sources and have a rational conversation.

Are you serious?

And January 6th, 2021 was just another day at the Capital???

I had already posted that point.

I’m not downplaying it, but it was a small group.

Bigger groups of violence and bigotry are now coming from the left.

General leftist violence “protesters”

Multitudes of violence and destruction from the Floyd protests throughout the entire country.



(I have to eat so I’m going to loot a Gucci)

BLM is a great organization for receiving donations, but somehow their money doesn’t get distributed into much of anything to help the black community. The good news is one of its founders purchased a 1.4 million dollar house.

Both Antifa and BLM have a done a great deal to attack and destroy the lives of innocent people. When I had my pizza business a year ago, I had to actually worry about a bunch of rejects passing by to destroy my business in protest to what happened to George Floyd. Anyways, there was a lot more news of what was going on when these idiots were out there destroying people’s lives in the name of justice.

There’s a lot more, but I laughed when I first saw what was happening in Seattle Washington with the whole Capitol Hill Occupied Protest (aka. CHOP). It was a nice block of land where the left was going to prove first and foremost that Socialism is the greatest system for the US. They refused any officer to come into their block as they were all self-reliant.

It lasted for a little while at first, but then things seemingly got bad real fast. The block was so peaceful and loving until things quickly began to fall apart in its last days. I really had hoped they’d keep it going as a social experiment to see how its Socialist society would end up playing out.

I didn’t believe it until much later, but the media has become such an ultra bs leftist group on so many ends that it’s hard to find any conservative groups. The sad part is, I don’t even trust the conservatives, and I was never a fan of Trump, but here we have it. If we don’t love the leftist, we must LOVE the right. It’s the classic black and white fallacy.

Both right and left are being played by the media, but the majority of the mainstream media is controlled by the left.

Fun fact: Gen Z does not like the Jews, so the media influence might change.

We start out as leftists, but as the world changes beyond our leftists’ views into more extreme ideas that we don’t agree with, then we want to conserve what values we believe to be true. It’ll take time, but I could drudge up a lot of videos on how Gen Y and the Millineals blame all you Baby Boomers for destroying the earth and ruining their eyes. As a GenX’er myself I sit back and drink my Slurpee and have decidedly sat back to enjoy the show.

Well guess if you are committed to only one sliver of news that’s what you could come up with.

The question is why do you turn a blind to these folks walking around in combat gear and assault rifles, (I’ve never seen any “Antifa” done up like that. Or? ) and with that attitude of right wing totalitarianism, and utter intolerance for everyone else?

I’m not saying the far left crowd doesn’t have it’s crazies, but it’s nothing like the far right militias.

Mitch have you ever heard that United State of American built it’s government on the principle of a pluralists?

(correction Mitch - thought it sound like J. also), I mean what are you actually after? A racially pure America, CAN YOU EXPLAIN IT IN YOUR OWN WORDS?

Here’s another one for you to ponder (that is, to think about seriously).

The Escalating Terrorism Problem in the United States

CSIS Briefs

June 17, 2020

This CSIS brief examines the state of terrorism in the United States. It asks two sets of questions. First, what are the most significant types of terrorism in the United States, and how has the terrorism threat in the U.S. homeland evolved over time? Second, what are the implications for terrorism over the next year? To answer these questions, this analysis compiles and analyzes an original data set of 893 terrorist plots and attacks in the United States between January 1994 and May 2020.

This analysis makes several arguments. First, far-right terrorism has significantly outpaced terrorism from other types of perpetrators, including from far-left networks and individuals inspired by the Islamic State and al-Qaeda. Right-wing attacks and plots account for the majority of all terrorist incidents in the United States since 1994, and the total number of right-wing attacks and plots has grown significantly during the past six years. Right-wing extremists perpetrated two thirds of the attacks and plots in the United States in 2019 and over 90 percent between January 1 and May 8, 2020.

Second, terrorism in the United States will likely increase over the next year in response to several factors. One of the most concerning is the 2020 U.S. presidential election, before and after which extremists may resort to violence, depending on the outcome of the election.

Far-right and far-left networks have used violence against each other at protests, raising the possibility of escalating violence during the election period. …

Far-right terror poses bigger threat to US than Islamist extremism post-9/11

Joanna Walters and Alvin Chang in New York
September 8, 2021

onald Trump’s presidency was bookended with two of the ugliest outbursts of white nationalist violence in 21st century America – the 2017 far-right rally in Charlottesville and the 2021 storming of the US Capitol by his extremist supporters to sabotage the election results.

Rightwing apologists like to downplay these lethal events or dismiss them as aberrations, but experts warn this is a form of terrorism that’s not only entrenched but has ballooned to become the biggest domestic security threatin the US.

In the 20 years since 9/11, far-right extremists killed more people in the US than did American-based Islamist fundamentalists – but that’s often hard to discern from the way the federal government has treated domestic terrorism.

White supremacists chant at counter protestors in Charlottesville, Virginia, during the 2017 Unite the Right rally.
Close to home: how US far-right terror flourished in post-9/11 focus on Islam
Read more

Earlier this year an intelligence report warned that racially-motivated extremists posed the most lethal domestic terrorism threat. It said the menace was now more serious than potential attacks from overseas, and the White House published a strategy for countering the problem.

CC I’ll never take sides on leftists or the right, but I get how people assume that because I point out the flaws of one group, that I must be justifying the actions of the opposing group. I am in no way a supporter of any radicalized groups. I see both sides and expose the problems that I see from each side. This is why I’m considered a political backstabber. I’ll break everything down to its core. The worst argument that I always hear from both the left and the right are rebuttals as justifications as to how their extreme groups are right because of the extremes of the opposing group.

Antifa wears masks because they’re a bunch of chicken shit children losers screaming in people’s faces of innocent people who have nothing to do with their cause. I have to laugh when I watch the mugshots of these losers. They aren’t out to do the right thing and fight to preserve the cause of creating a better world. These jokes team up in large groups hiding behind masks like cowards feeling powerful in a large crowd of losers.

Here’s what I see the journalist on the left and right do all the time. They manipulate people like you with old data and act as though it’s happening YOUR backyard. You fell for an old journalist trick in your argument. You posted a RECENT article posed by some manipulating journalist that made you believe that it was a current event, but the event happened 4 years ago. I’d be furious being tricked and manipulated, but both the left and the right are okay with this. I’m the idiot in the room, and yet I’m apparently the only one who has a problem with this.

Hmmm, your post sure fooled me - take a look: 9/21 post #11.

Can you come up with something a bit more representative than a few cherry picked news stories. Where have you learned about left wing militia, marching around waving their dicks, excuse me, their assault weapons all over the place. Please help me understand this clear and present danger of the left wing you speak of.

I’ll bet there are some left wingers so at the end of their rope that meeting violence with violence is all they have left - but that’s an entire different story from the

ALT RIGHT WING’S slow and steady brain washing campaigns and their strategic destruction of a sense of duty to honesty, and a social conscience, even a sense of duty to our country has been totally shit upon by the Trumpian Totalitarian Toads who only have supremacy, and getting even for perceived slights, on their minds.

There is nothing like that on the left - but you are trying to convince me that both side are equal in their danger to our future. Utter nonsense, I believe.

Now have you got anything more than handwaving to support your assertion that the left is anywhere near as dangerous to our country and the future as the extreme right wing,
that is today’s Republican Party?

CC This forum is HEAVY of the left-wing side, and I’ll always give an honest perspective regarding each issue. I’m a backstabber of all and a friend to none as I’ll turncoat to anything anyone says that I disagree with. Passion has one great flaw in that it can make people ignore things that disagree with their beliefs, and even go so far as to find people who challenge their beliefs as being some part of an extremist ideology. I openly expose my flaws to see how people react, and for the most part, people utilize this to their advantage. In other words, I gauge their reaction to see how they respond, and for the most part, I’ve seen few on this forum that hasn’t reacted predictably.

You question my sources, I get that, but instead of being so interested in taking a side I’d rather understand and research an opposing view and gain a better understanding as to their conclusions, and then agree or disagree with that conclusion. The problem with being smart and grasping concepts so easily (from what I’ve seen time and again) is that you get lazy and arrogant. I completely understand how this can happen. First off, you learn quickly so you find aside to take on any issues. Then you research that ONE side over and over again so as to fortify your position within that issue. Now what you’ve done is entrenched yourself within that one concept deep within your own personal ego. NOW, any challenge to such an issue becomes a challenge to your ego because you’ve allowed your ego and the issue to become one. You no longer are able to balance yourself to better information. Your goal is to defend your ego/issue.

From here what I post to you as evidence won’t matter to you. You’ve already resolved in your mind what is true, and what is not. When beliefs are tied so closely to a person’s ego there is not letting go. I’m not threatened by exposing my weaknesses, but apparently, no one else here is so willing to admit they have any. I have flaws, but at least I’m not threatened by them.

Write4U I give you this shout-out. I see how you handle things publicly, and at least for whatever it matters you really proved that you’re more about holding back your emotions looking at issues outside of your own beliefs. I’m most likely the last person you care to get any support from, but at this point, it isn’t about you. It’s completely about my finding someone who gives me hope in the direction of humanity.


Oh Gawd I remember!

It’s been a long while since my elementary school days from hearing this, but I was diagnosed as being “Learning Disabled”. It’s an ambiguous term, to say the least, but to their defense how can any school district explain why some students fail while others exceed. It’s for the same reason why I couldn’t blame Mriana for challenging me on my memory on things that I clearly remember vs things that I seemingly forget.

I’m asking this forum on the fly how I can get old records from some 40 years back in my elementary schools years. Is it possible? In elementary school K-5, I spent my life in Special Education. In Junior high school 6-8th grade, I continued through special ed. In all my years of High School, I was in special ed. and in some modified classes. I graduated being pushed through when I was 19 years old, and worse yet, it was in a district of kids born in successful families. I grew up in Ranch Palos Verdes California.

So outside of all that, I wanted to redefine myself and figure out the best way that I can learn the world around me. It took a long while, but I came to understand that I had to learn things in their components. I’ll never pick things up easily, so I have to put more focus on each aspect of the total sum. The rest of my life is Shistory. I’m not a woman so I can’t play the victim card being flourished by the love of humanity. No, there is just me, and how I deal with shit. I’ve been here many times before so I learned not to get so emotionally involved in what others think of me. I’m not here on this forum for guilt. I’m here strictly to learn something that I don’t know, and if it takes grammatical errors on my part to entertain you, them I guess to say that it’s your own journey in life, not mine. :clown_face:

Well that’s a concise summary of whatever that was about.

Guess you’re acknowledging that remark simply came straight out of your sphincter and not the real world out here.