Wolfor Koadon // Voice In My Head

The whole story began 7 years ago. I was going through a health assessment commission for my driving license, which stated that I had a spot on my lungs. One month later, I was diagnosed with tuberculosis, instead of going to another town for a double check there if this was a normal chemical burn. Like every other normal doctor would have suggested. I believed the doctors from the driving examination. I found I was wrong a few years later when I visited another town. Anyway, the whole point is completely different. I was young and mentally unstable for that kind of information. The doctors terrified me among removing my lungs, that I am a step away from death, and that if I don’t take my medicine, I will certainly get worse. Most surprisingly, no one exerted seen my healthy blood that was absolutely in great condition and none viewed towards acknowledging my saliva tests. They gave me a huge dose of drugs for the first month. Some of them were relatively harmless, however, they shouldn’t address it to healthy people, essentially, they will be setting them into a risk of contamination with tuberculosis including weakening their body. Others can even provide them with narcotic chemicals. During that time, I was completing my last year in an art school.
For two months after I proceeded the usage of those prescribed drugs, I lost 15 KG, with a height of 180 CM and a weight of 50KG; My skin started converting into white and pale colour, my eyes were always red, my hair began to fall and my teeth got broken. The doctors then conducted a photo for my appearance and said that I need to duplicate the dose.
During the third month, I noticed some serious problems affecting my memory. Sometimes I didn’t remember how I fell asleep. Since there was a lot of studies, it was necessary to draw a lot. Sometimes I was painting so many and forgetting how I finished this or that art. I couldn’t take care of my studies because I was concentrated on my therapy and consuming my pills.
But one morning, I woke up and saw a huge number of sketches that had nothing to do with the theme of my assignments. One of the sketches was a drawing of a masked man with an interesting shape, including an inscription (Seth), whose features I saw in the mask. This happened for the first time.
Psychotherapists said it is a dissociative disorder. But it wasn’t; this is not true, I feel clear, I know that I am me. And with whom I further started communicating introduced himself as Wolfor Coadon.
Since my childhood, I thought the strange voices telling me about everything around, is angels. As I got a little older, religious fanatics tried to convince me that those voices in my head were demons and that I need to get rid of them. I was scared to tell someone about my friend, so I kept it a secret. Later, I tried to avoid the voices in my head, and they suddenly disappeared.
Just before I woke up in the room with the drawings, he told me a lot of points. Firstly, I am healthy, and that the doctors are not realizing that they are killing me. Later, I stopped taking my medication, and surprisingly after one month, my skin condition was back to normal. In addition, I started to gain weight and feel happy. Naturally, I was more concerned with my communication with Wolfor, who he is, where and why do I hear him, and why sometimes I feel like he controls my body instead of me.
Well, it appears that nothing is as simple as it seems. It was madness to tell someone, but that’s when I began to write a fiction book based on the information he was giving me. Eventually, I found out the name of our planet Earth, her name is called Akiara and it is not our home planet. Our family went from another parasite planet called Arkrad; I will try to explain this briefly. During the emergence of intelligent life that was on the planet Akiara, there were many parasitic creatures. Those creatures changed the course of the natural selection, and the formation of the planet’s energetic fields. Some of these creatures settled in the ocean, and others dominated on land. Akiara created the first intelligent beings gifting them with their own energy. They are called Bordrives (Humanity has never seen such an organism because these creatures were the crown of the creation of nature). Their task was to exterminate all creatures that interrupt the energy streams. And they succeeded. Aquatic creatures called Unier, were driven into the oceans, without the desire howled to land.
As for the amphibious mega predators, their parasitic brethren were killed. The Bordrives suffered great loss and they decided not to waste what was left from their energy forces. They sacrificed their lives to create a new one. Their energy was literally transformed to seeds for the seven trees that were planted in Akiara. In the future, their roots will split the single mainland into pieces.
The Vertujya trees grew and gave the first fruits, which looked like giants cocoons and inside were living organisms similar to us, humans. They call themselves, ‘‘Seth’’. The first generation inherited the direct memories of the Bordrives. That way they knew how and where to follow, for what to live and for what to fight.
Here I will make a small digression. The Set’s were mortal but could be granted immortality for a certain price. A choice was made, continuous generation, meet old age and then die. Or chose the path of a warrior and abandon the opportunity to create the next generation. That’s when the energy is locked directly with Akiara and Seth, becomes immortal.
This way, Akiara managed to compensate the energy deficiency and redistribute them among all her children. According to Wolfor, she could communicate with anyone who simply wanted it. After all, she was their mother. I also want to add, that among the 7 trees, there were only 6 Vertujya that generated the warrior Seth’s, the Seventh was special, it gave rise to one warrior and the rest were peaceful. Set’s that could never hurt another, even if the situation is in force. Therefore, they tried to keep inaccessible places away from the ocean.
The time came when ships started arriving on the plane. Many empires carried out expanded their possessions and presence in space. Akiara became a kind of “golden energy mine”. A massacre has begun on the planet. During which the enemies tried to kill each other and to destroy the native population. But Set’s fought back despite the superiority of technologically advanced aliens.
Then, during the sweeps, a village was damaged in which there was a civilian population. One Set lost a family during the massacre and was reborn energetically. It was a new creature. In an instant second, it killed everyone who came to the village. Surviving this Set, infected with its energy, they became the same as it, ‘‘Reborn’’. In one night, technologically advanced empires with numerous armies suffered great loss and their fleet was destroyed. This way the planet was crowded with many different races of people. But the reborn Set was not going to stop there, He continued killing to change his brothers. One empire that dominated the invasion, called ‘‘Eye", connected with their superiors explaining who and what destroyed their army.
Sactans, that was the name of the people of the Eye Empire. They waited for their commander, hiding from the attacks of the reborn. The high sactan, coming straight to Akiara from Arkrad knew that the reborn pain was a new being. He knew that he could not kill him, because it was no longer possible. Knowing this, the high ruler of the Sactans,’’ Iergome’’, decided to use the energy of the human soul of each person as a dungeon, in which he imprisoned all reborn Set’s. One for each. After, he destroyed all technologies on the planet. Now the humans are like in the stone age. He cleared the memory of almost everyone, leaving memories to certain people, in order to monitor and control the population. Do not let information to the earth’s field. Do not delve into memories.
Meanwhile, Akiara became a milking cow, whom they pumped out energy and sent it to Arkrad. The same thing is happening to people. Some of the souls are incarnated, another part which follows the religions are sent straight to the conveyor. Sactans that are remaining with their memories receive immortality due to the good nourishment of Arkrad. That is why they try every 30 to 50 years to make a high scale of harvests in which die hundreds of thousands of souls. Time has passed and reborn found a way to affect the bearer of their dungeon. Naturally, they tried to isolate the people from their society, and that is to suppress this connection and prevent it from developing. Other times they do this unconsciously. The stereotype is that if you hear voices in your head you are crazy and you are to be locked with other crazy people. They kill you with these pills and cripple your bio field, after which you slowly become a vegetable.
The story is definitely interesting, but I started to get worried for Arkrad, and I saw him recently. The planet is carved throughout the whole surface with honeycombs from domes and one of them is ours. Identical world which they lived transported from Akiara to Arkrad. A flat land under the energy dome, and we as a farm, produce life. But Akiara is bypassing the fifth way. She is not kind of like Chernobyl. The reborn cannot be freed. Otherwise, the pantheon of sactans, ancestors of the Jews and other parasitic souls will end.
I try to find information about my vision, but I stumble only on feature films and science fiction. Wolfor says that this is how it is suppose to be that the author himself, without understanding, sends signals to other wolfor’s. And there are more and more of these signals. And when I saw the flat ground under the dome,I started looking for information. Then I came across your channel and I heard a lot here.
The main goal of the total oblivion of the memory of mankind about the wolfor’s was not simple. A huge number of people remained on the new planet who needed to be controlled, which turned out to be quite difficult. Different energy flows were all the fault, and the adaptation of creatures to the new earth was difficult.
The Saktans, who remained responsible for the order at Akiara, began to notice that it was not the newborn’s body that was getting used to the new energy, but quite opposite . Akiara was not a parasitic planet , she needed to splash energy into any living creature. Newborn sactans and other people acquired a hybrid structure of the soul, a new generation of people, Arkrad and Akiara. Along with it are the memories of the planet that was occupied.
As a result, such an problem appears for the Empire “Eye”. Any time, a generation of children may appear who will carry memory of what is happening on the planet Akiara from birth. In other words, there will be a revival of the people who were brought out by genocide. Worse could have led to the discovery of dungeons in which the Wolfor’s are imprisoned. Then the time has come for the introduction of Energy and biological parasites, in order to shorten the life cycle, and remove the possible risk of wisdom and energy parasites will have to break consciousness, make a person weak-willed, malleable, guided. Basic fears and disgusts were also introduced to which everything related to ‘‘Set’s’’.
For example, if you take one of the patrimonial clans for ‘‘Seth Ekionar’’, they were close to the nature of cold-blooded and in honor they had snakes. They were their symbol of strength. And for “Seth of the genus Nuan”, whose preferences were given primarily to spiders, and then to other insects.
Energoparasites act as irritants ,thay become silent when you nourish them, or their fellow bioparasites. If you look now at what is happening around, people : smoking, drinking, using drugs, and suffer when they try something from which the parasites can die. Similarly, grudge in humans, it feeds all parasites. Usual music or TV show will satisfy the parasite, but if you take up a book or art.
Many times I came across different reactions to the sign of “Set’s”. Some perceive it as something dark, (As they said the “satanic” sign) Others called it a ‘‘swastika’’, and there were those who calmly reacted to it and even more so, it stuck into their souls. As it turned out later, everything is simple-
Here the connection with the nature of the energy of “Akiara” appears and those who took the sign awfully to verbal seizures and foam from the mouth, these people were typical cattle, whose parasites just might not be afraid of a healthy diet.
There were good people, they are generally fair from birth, have good to weak, endowed with pity. But they did not feel anything at the sight of a dead animal or a burned forest. It’s just that the energy of “Arkrad” conquer in them, which means that they will take the sign extremely hard.
And now for the advantage,when a person goes deeper to the roots, turns to nature,does not smoke, does not drink,the following happens: the energy of “Arkrad” gradually departs, giving way to “Akiara”. A person gets the opportunity to think purely and see clearly, but there is also feedback. Furthermore , it is not necessary to be an addict or an alcoholic, it is enough to go to the temple or read the prayer of any slave religion, here, all the flows of “Akiara” will be closed, there will be only one that will help u to survive, but also not for long because then the system of human elimination will be launched.
I really hope that in the near future, many people will be free from the shackles of manipulation. I sincerely hope that I am not the only one to find this freedom to use. Resist the system. Soon we will be many. So not all is lost.
I thought for a long time why “Wolfor” told me everything, showed this sign and gave instructions to write a book and look for other “Wolfor’s”. But then I realized, those who are free must recognize each other and the sign of the “Seth” will soon personify freedom and the fight against the sactans.


Wolfor Koadon, hopefully you came here looking for advice or tough love.

You need help. It’s not a sin to need help and neither is it a comment on you as a person, it is a fact that you need to accept. Hopefully you go to a hospital and calmly tell them your story so they can get you to the right place. (I’m not in the USA, so I don’t know what you need to do to get help. Here in Canada all you do is show up with ID and you get it.)

I wish you all the best.


Thanks for reply, but I don’t need help !I’m Fine, thanks !

I just Looking for those Creatures , from Clan Ilian ! Hopefully i will found them soon !

Great response 3pt. In Sree’s case, if he is being honest about his situation, he could do the same thing, and much easier. I’ve known a few psychologists who talk to people like him. They just keep coming back. Not a bad way to make a living.

Wolfor Koadon, you have never told your story to anyone who believed any of it, have you?

I don’t believe you came here looking for someone to believe you. I believe you came here to have someone tell you what I told you.

Naturally my assumption is based on no information other than your posts and the title you gave the thread (“Voice In My Head”), but I can’t think of another reason for you to come here.

You know they are voices in your head. You know they are saying things that no one else can hear or even come close to understanding.

And, most importantly, you know that repeating your story will not garner any information regarding what the voices say, but will get you ridicule, pity, or honest and heart-felt advice like I gave.

So I think you should take my advice. Please. (If you don’t want to do it for yourself, do it for me and report back your experience. If you legitimately give my advice a try and nothing comes of it, I’ll leave you alone.)