Why Do We Keep Telling Ourselves "Bad Stories?" - Steve Almond

In this world where I find very few people making sense, it’s always a deep joy hearing someone new that rings like a bell.
This evening on NPR I heard Steve Almond being interviewed about his new book “Bad Stories”
Concise straightforward and I get what he’s talking about and I believe he nails some key roots of our deepest problems.
Important stuff if you’re trying to make sense of what’s going on in our increasingly dysfunctional world.
I only found one short interview on YouTube, but am sure that’s not going to last too much longer.
It’s stuff worth sharing.

Why Do We Keep Telling Ourselves "Bad Stories?" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2JgiJhsTpRM --Steve Almond, author of the new book “Bad Stories: What the Hell Just Happened to Our Country," joins David to discuss the book
Steve Almond https://www.badstories.org Bad Stories is an effort to make sense of our historical moment. The book argues that Trumpism is a bad outcome arising directly from the bad stories we tell ourselves. Using literature as a lens, Bad Stories explores our obsession with entertainment, sports, and political parody, the degeneration of our free press into a for-profit industry, and our enduring pathologies of race, class, immigration, and tribalism. It’s the book you can pass along to anguished fellow travelers with the promise, This will help you understand what the hell happened to our country.
Anyone here familiar with Steve Almond, have any thoughts to share? Beginning of the end, 1987 dissolving the Fairness Doctrine.