Why do atheists speak out? My teeny little video

Those are darn good. Not to abuse your services, but I need a bikable road or trail going right next to one of those. This is research for a novel, which may not sell more than 100 copies, but you’ll definitely get a credit. These look more like the formations caused by the melting and washing down of the crushed stone. I think the place I’m looking for is right on the line where the Wisconsin glacier stopped.

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Excellent video.


Well thank you! These are very early first attempts.

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Great video!

I’ll briefly share my personal story.

I was a Devout Christian for over 40yrs. I attended parochial school where nuns (educators) were cruel & abusive. Our parish priest was convicted of child molestation and stole approximately $500,00 during his career. But, it wasn’t until I started working in Pediatric Oncology that I started to question my faith. How could an all knowing super entity allow such suffering amongst these beautiful children? No matter how hard I prayed, their suffering continued. According to Psalms 139:16 You saw me before I was born and scheduled each day of my life before I began to breathe. God has a divine plan for all of us.

After YEARS of research, I learned that the bible was Forged. That Matthew, Mark, Luke and John did not write any of the gospels. There were zero first hand accounts of Jesus. That less than 2% of the population could read or write during that time period. The discovery and research of the Gnostic Gospels opened my eyes as well. Constantine and the Nicea council absolutely fascinated me.

I’ve come to the conclusion that we are products of our environment and most of us inherit our religion from our families. How many Hindu’s convert to Amish ? I’ve researched the Psychology of Belief. Religion is Powerful!! It causes men to fly into buildings and women to blow themselves up in crowded markets. Research has proven glossolalia (speaking in tongues) is man-made babble.

Religion is divisive. Just look at this forum. I think the time has come for us to think about ethics and spirituality beyond religion altogether.

Side Note: I now attend a Unitarian church. Most of the parishioners at my church either identify as humanists, agnostics or athiests.




? Thanks @Blaire! Your story sounds so very familiar.

Since you referred to “over 40 years,” you may be interested in my piece:


Answer to ‘Are you an atheist who was once a devout theist for more than 40 years?’ by Teresa Bryan Peneguy




WOW! Just finished reading your article. We have so much in common. It truly moved me ?


And that’s a tiny piece of it!

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