Who is “God” ?

I was joking about the religious Omni-nonsense, You make a good point, thank you.

Sex is just about procreation?
That is, from Evolution’s perspective.
From said creature’s perspective, you can bet something else is going on.

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From said creature’s perspective, you can bet something else is going on.

Lol, it might seems so, but the sex drive is a result of billions of years of hardwiring.

A perfect model can be found in rge Bonobo. Bonobos do get angry, but instead of resolving the dispute with violence, they resolve it with love making.

Evolution has found a niche where potentially destructive situations are resolved in a creative manner… :rage: :flushed: :heart_eyes: :hugs:

Do you understand what those words are referring to?

Sometimes you sure do say curious things.

Evolution found a niche for itself?
Please do unwrap that one.

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From said creature’s perspective. . .

Do you understand what those words are referring to?

How do you think that perspective is formed?

[quote=“citizenschallengev4, post:384, topic:7931”]
Evolution found a niche for itself?
Please do unwrap that one.

Evolution via natural selection is a stochastic process that only can be judged by its results. Those traits in individuals that enable survival to breed and seed the greater gene pool is the very definition of evolutionary survival mechanics.

With most species, it is competition for dominance and that is typical of patriarchal systems. “The strong survive”

OTOH , the Bonobos are a matriarchal society and they’re the most generous and loving behaviors are prized and rewarded with sexual favors that ensure seeding of the gene pool.

One researcher once remarked that in a Bonobo camp one can go to sleep, assured that there is a tomorrow.

If one doubts the effectiveness of a matriarchal society, in an experiment demanding cooperation, using 6 Chimps and 6 Bonobos were set at the task.
In the Bonobo troupe, the dominant female immediately began to delegate responsibilities to the males, and after several failed attempts success was achieved and the entire troupe shared in the rewards, while the regular chimps were still hassling who should lead the effort.

The regular chimps never completed the task for all their strength and cunning. It was a clear victory for the matriarchal society.

Nah, it’s not evolution I need a lesson on.
It’s this “finding a niche for itself” that’s not computing.

Where else was it supposed to go?
I mean I know our Earth is made up of countless niches, that can make habitats and such. But, in terms of the Big Bang event and the start of time and matter, evolution finding it’s niche doesn’t make sense, since evolution is at its most fundamental “Change Over Time”.

Same goes for our early Earth.

Sorry, that was poorly worded.

With the term “niche” I meant to identify one of the examples where evolution has provided an extraordinary survival advantage to just a few rare species.

Actually, the choices seem to be almost unlimited if we consider the range of adaptive properties that can be found, from extremophiles that are so "specialized’ that they must have the original environment they evolved in or perish. I consider those “niche” organisms.

example: an ice worm must have a temperature below freezing to live. If the temperature rises to above freezing the worm literally “melts”.
It is a niche organism.

Same as life around “black smokers”

Black smokers contain a whole entirely different ecosystem of organisms that we never knew about. Organisms found near black smokers are those such as 3-foot-long tubeworms, shrimps, crab, and anemone. The biggest discovery of these vents was that these organisms get their energy from the planet and not from a star. [5] Being that the area is so dark, there is not any light for the tubeworms to draw its energy from. The way that the tubeworms draw their energy is similar to that of how a plant gets its energy from photosynthesis. The only difference between the way the tubeworm gets energy and photosynthesis is that the tubeworm gives off sulfur instead of oxygen as a bi-product.

OTOH, Tardigrades (water bears) can and do live everywhere on earth. They are almost indestructible.

Tardigrades have survived all five recognized mass extinctions due to their plethora of survival characteristics, including the ability to survive conditions that would be fatal to almost all other animals (see the next section).

The lifespan of tardigrades ranges from three to four months for some species, up to two years for other species, not counting their time in dormant states.[[33]](Tardigrade - Wikipedia)

Those are rare species that have extraordinary survival skills.
They fill evolutionary niches.

Okay, thanks for bringing it back down to Earth.

Be careful, it looks that way from your human perspective, but there are definite stringent limits that this cornucopia must respect. Something humans seems incapable of learning. Greed and avarice is too much fun, to tone down. (materially & philosophical for that matter)

From my perspective, I need to unpack your post - " it looks that way from your human perspective".

I have experienced human perspective for years before I expunged the religious omni-nonsense from my cognizance as it is now, and has been for the last few years, rendering my genome totally woke at a foundation level.

If purging the religious omni-nonsense from your own cognizance is not an experience of yours, I don’t believe it is possible for you to comment on my human perspective at all. I know how different the human perspective is with and without omni-nonsense lingering and misleading.
father-son-ghost-150x150 These guys are tricky.

Talk about me coming back down to Earth, what the hell is this about? "there are definite stringent limits that this cornucopia must respect. **Something humans seem incapable of learning.
If learning something we need to learn is problematic, humans are excellent at work-arounds.
** Humans have survived the CE, 2,000 year example of the omni-nonsense of learning Christianity. Until the Christian onslaught in this country during the CE, the human species was doing pretty well adapting to increased population and learning civilization throughout the span of human existence, from the geographic (BCE) leading into the (CE). The work at hand is to globally expunge omni-nonsense.

Are greed and avarice redundant? too much fun, to tone down ?? (materially & philosophical for that matter) ??? are you smoking that stuff that’s hard to stay lit?

This is what I was responding to, rereading, I don’t think this was meant for me.

Agreed. Those were comments to write4u in response to his comments, and in line with the greater discussion we’ve had going for a while.

I’ll admit, I don’t know what to think about what you’ve written, it doesn’t make sense to me.

Other stuff I can follow, but it seems old news that adds up nothing I can relate to, so I’ve kept it to myself, and wait for stuff that starts ringing some bells. or not, as the case may be.

We create our gods from within ourselves - seems to me that pretty much covers the entire God/religion conundrum.

The problem as I see it is that the human brain is capable of almost unlimited thought and imagination and you are right, greed and avarice render us blind to future consequences of our wanton actions.

AFAIK, we are the only animal that can visualize something non-existent and make it become reality.,

And as atheist, this is one of the parables of wisdom I can find in the bible in the story of Adam and Eve eating the fruit from the tree of “knowledge” that was causal to our forceful departure from innocence and blissful existence in paradise.

Not sure what you are referring to here. I watch my cats attack non-existent things all the time.

By “become reality” are you referring to something more permanent? As in the “Social Construction of Reality”

[quote=“lausten, post:393, topic:7931”]
Not sure what you are referring to here. I watch my cats attack non-existent things all the time.

Cats cannot make things become reality.

We can visualize going to the moon and we made that become a reality. We can imagine an oil empire and we can make that become reality.
We can also imagine a pollution-free earth. But as long as we want our oil empire more than a pollution-free earth we can not create a pollution-free earth.

By “become reality” are you referring to something more permanent? As in the “Social Construction of Reality”

I mean any form of physical reality. We can make the Higgs boson become reality (for an instant). But this extraordinary ability of imagination is a double-edged sword.
We have trouble imagining “unintended consequences”… :scream:

ahh. I read that very differently. You meant, “bringing to fruition”, or creating something

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thank you for your reply, and I’ll be more careful in the future, I do like reading the back and forth of both of your comments, once again, sorry (and a bit embarrassed by my interruption.)

I have 1 10-year-old cat raised from a feral kitten rescue, He is constant entertainment, I believe he does see things that interest him, that I can’t see at all.

The only things that non-humans can “create in reality” is from evolved hardwired behaviors.
A spider can build a web, a bird can build a nest, many animals can build lairs. Ants can build a living bridge over water, bees and termites can build hives.

Interestingly, these structures all rest on mathematical patterns that give the structure balance and structural integrity, proving that mathematics pervade our natural world and all life therein.

A slime mold solves mazes by subtraction, a perfectly flawless way of solving problems. Sherlock Holmes used that method to arrive at the only possible solution to a complicated problem, subtraction.

But these are not planned. The blueprints and mathematical execution for the construction of these creations is hardwired into the DNA of the species.

Perhaps the only other animal that has true analytical imagination is the octopus. It can open a childproof screw lid from a jar! That is amazing mental agility.

Octopuses learn the trick so easily, in fact, that about 10 years ago, scientists at the Seattle Aquarium gave an octopus a herring-filled medication bottle to see what it would do with the childproof cap – the kind you need to push down and turn simultaneously. It opened it in 55 minutes

With practice, that was down to five!

That is narrowing the definition of sexuality as the only method of procreation. In nature all forms of sexuality are used to procreate.
In nature there is even asexual procreation. Many protists can do both.

Strictly speaking, the only type of reproduction in Paramecium is asexual binary fission in which a fully grown organism divides into two daughter cells. Paramecium also exhibits several types of sexual processes. Conjugation consists of the temporary union of two organisms and the exchange of micronuclear elements.

Paramecium | ciliate genus - Encyclopedia Britannica

https://www.britannica.com › … › Fungi, Protists & Viruses

Slime moulds have a primitive form of sexual reproduction. The nuclei in plasmodia are diploid - they have two sets of chromosomes. If the organism is exposed to light for a few days, the plasmodium clumps together and forms short stalks with minute mushroom like caps. Jan 21, 2020

The silvery salamander has sex with a male but rejects his sperm. Her offspring are all female clones of the mother.

Some species change sex during their lifetime.

Natural sex change
Clownfish, wrasses, moray eels, gobies and other fish species are known to change sex, including reproductive functions. A school of clownfish is always built into a hierarchy with a female fish at the top. When she dies, the most dominant male changes sex and takes her place.

Sex change - Wikipedia

https://en.wikipedia.org › wiki › Sex_change

All this BS about sex and morality is only made from ignorance. Nature uses all methods of reproductive possibilities, in all forms, methods or experimental. That’s what nature does, experiment, see what survives!

It’s all in a day.
Not like I haven’t done the same and worse.