Which Shakespeare play best describes Trump

and pals?

I only have a passing familiarity with the works of Shakespeare - though I'm convinced he's got something that nails Trump's character and substance (or lack thereof).

So, I am wondering if anyone around here knows his works and would be willing to suggest which play best describes this cipher Trump and his Administration?   Perhaps include Why?

Here you go. The character King Lear. (and not just because Trump wants to be king, and likes to lear at good looking ladies)


Okay, that works:

. . . If you like Shakespeare, you will get it:

King Lear charts the downfall of a man, a family and a nation into chaos. Pomp, hierarchy and state are turned topsy-turvy when the King inhabits a hovel, children rule parents, guests attack their host and Lear’s retinue comprises blind, ‘mad’ and mutilated beggars. ‘Good’ characters are defeated by evil ones and justice appears as illusory as Lear’s mad trial in Act 3.

And unlike most tragedies, in which a sense of new order and confidence is asserted at the end, in King Lear there is little such assurance that the British realm can be restored to its former glory. …

James Piscipo | Apr 23, 2019

Looking at the past couple years, I fear USA won’t be doing much recovering either.

We’ve descended way past that, damage control is where we’re at.