Donald J. Drumpf for President.

VYAZMA, this one’s for you.
Watch and learn about what others have noticed regarding this character you seem to think is so cool.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Donald Trump (HBO)
John Oliver gives a splendid review of who this Donald Trump is and what's behind his brand. Including a review of Donald's excellent business decisions, quite interesting. (his campaign says it's all a lie, but those were "Trump" products and hotels, and they were business disasters, but in the alternate universe of 2016, facts don't mean shit.) Then John makes some more excellent observations regarding the difference between a jerk shooting his mouth off according to his mood du jour, and the President of the United States. … but then, being the comedian he is, Oliver takes it to the next level, a clown for a clown, if there ever was.
For you twitter fans here's a new venue for political fun. Donald J. Drumpf (@RealDonalDrumpf) | Twitter
Of course the campaign of Drumpf aka Trump deny it all and are firing back. Man they even have a half year old Die Welt article "proving" their denial. Sounds like a job for a few Mormon Genealogical Records experts. Any one have any connections at the Granite Mountain Records Vault? :coolsmile: