Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom: A rebuke

Christians we’re here to serve the lord not attack each other!!


That crazy narrative must work well for a lot of people. But believing in crap (and supernatural dogma is crap) is repulsive to me.

Still, if people are going to believe that crap, I think they should at least get along with their fellow delusionals.


Religion divides more than it unites.


I don’t follow religion I follow Christ, jesus never said 2 follow religion!!


Yale Divinity has launched a Free Public Bible Study. Professor Joel Baden was instrumental in implementing this project. Take the challenge. Are you smarter than an Ivy League Biblical scholar?



Spoiler Alert There is absolutely Nothing divine about the bible. It was written by unknown authors over the course of centuries.


Thanks Blaire. Not sure I can squeeze a class into my schedule right though. Is this something that will just available to watch, or do you have to sign up for it?


This was actually directed towards dovesong/theists. Yes, you do have to register and it is available at no charge. The course is time consuming and honestly, you probably would not find it intellectually stimulating.