When conservative republicans give an interesting definition of "woke "

Asked what “woke” means more generally, Newman said “it would be the belief there are systemic injustices in American society and the need to address them.”

In fact, I agree with this definition, among some reasons, because it includes every militant who wants to fight discrimination, in any way, moderate or extremist.

And this definition puts us in the heart of the matter:

  1. Are there systemic discriminations ?
  2. What is needed and useful to fight them ?
  3. Is not the solution to globally change the system ? Rather than only fight against such and such discrimination ?

Incidentally, it has been said that M. L. King and Bobby Kennedy have been killed because they were working together, to unite workers and Black movements.

[In Andrew Warren suspension trial, Gov. DeSantis officials answer: What does ‘woke’ mean?]


AFAIK, “woke” is a derivative of “awake”, i.e. “consciously aware” of human behavioral foibles.

I heard that, I’d been wonder what “WOKE” meant, was sort of shocked. Then I though of interviews where trump supports lay out their thinking process. Very sad.

To become consciously aware,
Stop the presses,
lock up the castle,
fuel up the tanks,
ammo up the troops,
lets march,
that awakening stuff has got to stop.

Is this what religion is all about, getting people to hate others based on manipulation and lies.

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The world is becoming mad:

[M&M’s Ditches Spokescandies After Backlash, Here’s Why It Matters]

We need to be carful about using videos like this as useful information about attitudes in general. They tend to be selective to the most extreme and don’t represent a cross section. I could put together a video like this that represents Americans as thinking the earth is flat. That being said, I do think that extremist views such as this are becoming more problematic in our society.

Guess we agree. :cowboy_hat_face:

I think the word “woke” in current politics is nothing more then a loosely defined buzzword that is used to put down someone that doesn’t agree with you. I have seen this over and over in politics and society. The meaning doesn’t matter as long as its viewed as bad.

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A good percentage do! When the only spherical object you have ever seen is a baseball, the earth has to be flat. I don’t see the ball roll downhill one way or the other the way it would on a sphere!!!

I’ve tried it . The ball can only lie still on a flat surface! There, the ball lies still on a flat surface, I have just proved the earth is flat!

There are people who take that arguments as persuasive proof that the earth is flat, circular but flat.

Yes, but the point of my post was that basing any conclusions on videos like this is fallacious.

But a real threat if your Republican party mandates these “truths”.

Heard the newest wrinkle about abortion rights?

Republicans are drafting legislation that would make it a crime for a woman to travel out-of-state to get an abortion.
So women would then be wholly owned by their white male masters.

This legislation is advanced by people like Marjory Taylor Greene, who believes that Jewish aliens are burning forest with laser rays from outer space and who vowed to investigate the Democratic COVID conspiracy and was rewarded with a seat on the powerful House Homeland Security Commision.

SE Cupp calls out Kevin McCarthy over Marjorie Taylor Greene appointment
](Marjorie Taylor Greene and Paul Gosar get committee assignments | CNN Politics) shows about the House Speaker.

As well as the state they live in. My question is, how would they know if she takes a home pregnancy test and not tell anyone she’s pregnant? Of course, if she can’t get out of the state just because she’s a woman of childbearing age, not even to move out of state, there’s always Belladonna. Of course, she has to take just the right amount or she’s dead. Not as bad a a coat hanger, but still risky.

They are insane. Not sure which mental illness they have, but they are not lucid. Greene is a nut job who kisses men’s butts. If they say jump, she jumps. Of course, what’s her name, who managed to get on the Supreme Court during the dotard’s reign, is even worse.