Ayn Hirsi Ali says what?

If you don’t know who she is, check her out. Her autobiography is amazing. She has been included with the big four of the atheist movement.

But now, she says she’s Christian. This CFI article covers it well and includes comments on Paul Kingsnorth, another Secularist who turned Christian.

It’s an unusual conversion for Ali, because she seems to be starting out as a Christian who doesn’t believe much. Maybe this will be good. Maybe she will still advocate against fundamentalist just as much as she alwsys has.

Wow, it’ll take a while to digest that.

Ali became a Christian primarily because it seemed to her to be the best way to defeat authoritarian powers such as Russia and China, global Islamism, and “woke ideology.”

I don’t get it. Isn’t Christianity where the “woke ideology” comes from?

Yeah, a lot of people don’t get it. She’s coming from a Right perspective, where wokeism is about equality of outcomes and increaesing inclusion and expressing cultural traditions.

That’s a Right perspective? I hear woke and just think Desantis who thinks woke means accepting LGBTQ+ and he hates that.

It’s a Right perspective that those things I listed are bad.

Ahh, got it!
I’m writing extra so i can post…

@lausten that was funny. We got crossed up in which version of woke we were using - the original intelligent definition vs the hateful new definition from the right.

I know. I remember when “politically correct” first came into use, while I was in college. The same type of thing. I’m really tired of these phrases.

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Wait! What? She goes from being Muslim to atheism to Xianity? None of it makes any sense, but then again, I guess that’s one way to be “born again”. Makes me wonder if she ever was an atheist or if she was agnostic and decided Xianity was better. Maybe she needed a sense of community and in the Black community church is community. I don’t know.

Growing up in a very male dominated society, she is perhaps heavily influenced by her husband Niall Ferguson (and Hoover Institute). :bulb:

According to Wickedpedia, Niall Ferguson is an atheist.

Yes, but… start around 4:30 in the video

I don’t know about her married life. She was born in a middle-class Muslim family in Africa. She went to school, relatively progressive, but when it came time to be married, that was “arranged” with an older man that she had never met. She saw a future with little opportunity and possibly not much freedom. The new husband was in Canada, so she managed to escape when her plane landed in Denmark, with the help of people there.

Denmark was quite free, and she quickly made her mark by speaking up about the repression of women in Islam. She has written extensively, made a movie, and served in government. The first time I saw her was in a debate about Islam being an religion of peace. Her and Charles Murray argued in the negative.

It was an NPR Intelligence Squared Broadcast.

This might indicate some of her more recent leanings
(52) Navigating the culture wars with Douglas Murray and Ayaan Hirsi Ali - YouTube

It’s the “yes, but…” that gets me. Being on Megan Kelly says a lot too. He also confuses religion with spirituality. You can have a form of spirituality without religion. Just appreciating nature can give a numinous feeling, which I think is in and of itself spiritual. One doesn’t need church for any of that. Nature can be one’s church or just being at one with yourself and the universe can be enough. One doesn’t need a human created deity or a church to have spirituality. Of course, this all depends on what one defines as “spiritual”.

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I find spirituality in my own non-church ways myself including nature for sure. The link to the video was to show that she is following her husband’s ways that include church.

That could be just an accommodation.

I have accompanied a friend to church and suffered the experience for my friend’s comfort.

Which means she is still believing the oppressive beliefs of patriarchy and doesn’t know how to react to a husband who believes they should go to church for the children. Although I didn’t know she gave birth to any babies recently. Maybe all of the kids are from the previous marriage, which means he hasn’t heard of birth control with 5 kids.

Yes, that could be true. Or perhaps she is just exercising all of her options. I can’t say what’s in her thoughts.

Why the “woke ideology” comes from Christianity?

My bad. Christianity is where anti-woke came from. Homophobia, xenophobia, etc.