What will they think of next? Controversial, provocative Pope Benedict XVI portrait

Eggs Benedict anyone?

Portrait of Pope Benedict XVI Made of Condoms Draws Complaints in Milwaukee By MITCH SMITH JUNE 29, 2015 http://artsbeat.blogs.nytimes.com/2015/06/29/portrait-of-pope-benedict-xvi-made-of-condoms-draws-complaints-in-milwaukee/?_r=0 “Eggs Benedict" by Niki Johnson.Credit Eric Baillies The unusual medium used to create a portrait of Pope Benedict XVI — 17,000 stretched-out condoms in a variety of colors — has upset Roman Catholic leaders in Milwaukee, where the piece is housed. The Milwaukee Art Museum recently accepted the portrait of the grinning pontiff, titled “Eggs Benedict," from a donor, but it is not currently on display because the museum’s main galleries are being renovated. Benedict, who resigned in 2013, is now pope emeritus. ...

Now that’s art! Is the artist implying that the pontiff is a dick? :slight_smile:
Cap’t Jack

You know the thought of the Milwaukee Catholic leaders being upset got me to thinking about all the things that don’t seem to upset those old farts.

The unusual medium used to create a portrait of Pope Benedict XVI — 17,000 stretched-out condoms in a variety of colors — has upset Roman Catholic leaders in Milwaukee, where the piece is housed.
Documents show Milwaukee archdiocese shielded pedophile priests Tuesday Jul 2, 2013 http://usnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/07/02/19247832-documents-show-milwaukee-archdiocese-shielded-pedophile-priests BY BRENDAN O'BRIEN AND GEOFFREY DAVIDIAN, REUTERS Roman Catholic Church officials in Milwaukee vigorously shielded pedophile priests and protected church funds from lawsuits during a decades-long sex abuse scandal, according to hundreds of newly released documents. The documents include letters and deposition testimony from Cardinal and Archbishop of New York Timothy Dolan who, during his time as archbishop of Milwaukee from 2002 to 2009, appealed to Vatican on numerous occasions to help address the ongoing fallout from the scandal. The 6,000 pages of documents related to eight decades of abuse cases showed in great detail the Milwaukee archdiocese regularly reassigned priests who were accused of sexual molestation to new parishes and Dolan himself asking the Vatican permission to transfer $57 million to a trust fund to protect it against court action. ... also http://www.jsonline.com/news/opinion/what-the-church-documents-reveal-b9947711z1-216238291.html
JUSTICE Catholic Church Claims It Can Refuse To Pay Victims Of Sex Abuse Because Of Religious Freedom BY IAN MILLHISER POSTED ON MARCH 11, 2015 By Ian Millhiser | March 11, 2015 http://thinkprogress.org/justice/2015/03/11/3632147/catholic-archdiocese-claims-can-refuse-pay-victims-sex-abuse-religious-freedom/ The Catholic Archdiocese of Milwaukee sought to insulate $55 million of its funds from lawsuits brought by victims of priestly sex abuse, according to a letter penned by then-Archbishop of Milwaukee Timothy Dolan, so it transferred those funds into a separate trust set up to care for the archdiocese’s cemeteries and mausoleums. Once the sexual abuse victims sought those funds in a bankruptcy proceeding, however, the archdiocese claimed that it had a religious liberty right not to use that money to compensate victims of abuse. Though a federal district judge agreed with the archdiocese that its religious freedom includes this right not to compensate victims in 2013, a bipartisan panel of the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit reversed that decision on Monday. The Seventh Circuit noted that “the issue of whether the Archdiocese actually made a fraudulent, preferential or avoidable transfer is not before us," so it remains to be seen whether the abuse victims will be compensated out of the $55 million worth of funds. Nevertheless, the Seventh Circuit’s decision means that the archdiocese will not be able to hide behind claims of religious liberty in order to avoid liability for the actions of its clergy — or, at least, it means as much so long as it is not reversed on appeal. At least 45 Milwaukee priests face allegations of sexual abuse, including one priest who was accused of molesting close to 200 deaf boys. The cemetery trust was created after the archdiocese agreed to a $17 million settlement involving ten victims who alleged that they were abused by priests in California, but the $55 million worth of funds were not transferred to that trust until after a Wisconsin Supreme Court decision which allowed other lawsuits by alleged victims of priestly abuse to move forward. Dolan, who is now a cardinal and the Archbishop of New York, wrote to the Vatican regarding the $55 million in funds that “y transferring these assets to the Trust, I foresee an improved protection of these funds from any legal claim and liability." The archdiocese declared bankruptcy in 2011, in part due to the financial burden of the lawsuits brought by alleged abuse victims. ...
And they wonder why people have open, sometimes passionate, contempt for their Catholic Church Corporation