What is meant by WW3?

The war in Turkey

This one has A jet fighter crushed in the border and Recep feared Putin . Recep is man that does what’s most benefit his country and he feared A war with putin more immiment than Europe. Know that Recep is willing to wage war and Geaorge Soros wanted it back then. Still war can erupt in Turkey and if happen can split Europe.

Point taken regarding that particular issue, but to leap from that to assuming there have been no accidents with nukes in Russia, like disappearing from planes - or that if there had been that Russian would have dutifully noted it publicly - we know that’s not how Russia operates

What’s it they say, Accidents Happen . . .

Any nuclear power will keep nuclear weapons accidents under wraps for national security reasons. Including America. US accidents were not known to the public when they happened.

The big difference in policy between America and Russia (in the cold war era) was we had a global military presence whereas the other side did not. That’s why US eff-ups were more feared – and more likely.

Now that is something we can agree on. Nuclear power is not as safe as some people believe it is (this includes my older son, who believes it is totally safe, if one doesn’t do stupid stuff with it. :roll_eyes: )

You often offer clear-eyes comments,thank you for that.