What if the Mandelbrot set is connected to black holes?

Is the Mandelbrot set telling us the complex numbers within it are more than imaginary? Could those numbers be used as quantum information? Could this be the shape we would see at the core of a black hole? When a black hole feeds …it is adding to the infinite border of the Mandelbrot set.

Side Thought: When a giant star collapses, I think it is creating a 4D Manderlbrot set.

The Mandelbrot set is now associated with bifurcation charts (cyclical events that have a negative feedback loop) https://youtu.be/ovJcsL7vyrk Sounds like a black hole to me.

3.57 cycles in a black hole and matter is turned to chaos …quantum waves in superposition.


Could information being pulled into a black hole be converted to deeper define the edges of mandelbrot? Would that help the information paradox?

It seems to be a core math object between -2 and 0.25 It would give it a reason to exist.

credit for animation that I reversed: https://www.deviantart.com/pifactorial/art/Mandelbrot-Resequenced-Tomograph-340425059

Maybe it could just get caked onto the existing infinite border. Maybe this is where the holographic principle actually lives instead of the surface.


extra side thought: I think all quantum waves could be the result of 3.57 cycles of bifurcation. Chaos sure seems to be the same thing as superposition.

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Thanks for that interesting perspective. This’ll need some study. An intuitive impression ;

AFAIK a black hole is a spiral construct. If so, it would have both Pi and Phi in its very dynamic structure and would fractal in essence.

The Fibonacci sequence is important in keeping vertical growth structures in balance.

Quaternions might get involved https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d4EgbgTm0Bg

A 2D cross-section of the 4D quaternion Mandelbrot set as it is rotated 360 degrees in the XW-plane. Looks like a black hole https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dr_bFbn-DME

A Quaternion Mandelbrot https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-K4Lk98m38

Good illustrative links!

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Talking about Black Holes. This may be of interest.


In furtherance of the importance of BH, we could propose a toroidal universe with a super massive center which is a Black Hole entrance and a White Hole exit, creating a continuously recycling universe with conservation of energy and an accounting of all the known universal “constants” as we know them.


Assume that the shape of the universe is toroidal.

This gives us the four known forces of Gravity, Electromagnetism, the Strong and Weak nuclear forces plus the forward motion of Time.


In addition this provides “conservation of energy”, while providing a constant renewal without an eventual the need for a static (dead) universe and accounts for “expansion and contraction” of spacetime.

Seems that such a configuration would account for just about everything we know about the universe.


Obviously, the dark part of the Mandelbrot set is completely filled with fractal reiterations down to Planck scale. And if spacetime is fractal, then a Black Hole should be that fractal part which is completely filled with fractal stuff.