What gives you the right to "God Bless Me"?

Today I called a municipal office and the message finished with “May God Bless You”

I felt like gasoline was tossed in my face and so far as my internal dialogue it was the straw that broke the camels back.

Or perhaps the catalyst that finally tied all these words together. Take your pick.

(I know I need to write a defanged version, but this is the first draft and I’m at my CFI pub, shooting the breeze. We’ll worry about tomorrow tomorrow)


Dear thoughtless poser,

Who in the world are you to Bless me?!? Thank me, appreciate me, but giving me God's Blessing. How dare you?

You are no agent of God’s.

What do YOU know of God other than what someone else told you to believe?

By what right, or knowledge, do you presume to order up God’s Blessing for me?

That is God’s to give or withhold as God sees fit! Who do you think you are?


Have you spent any time trying to get to know God directly, one on one?

I ask because your conceit leads me to believe you never have given God much, if any, deep thought.

I don’t believe you know God because at an early age I took the Biblical admonishment seriously, “seek and ye shall find,” and my sixty-four years has taught me a little about God.

I have spent a great deal of time trying to honestly get to know the world around me and the God that made it - throughout my days and actions and my thoughts. I have on rare occasion even been touched by God, so I’ve learned to appreciate that God’s touch is light as a feather, a whisper at your back, a tingle in your belly, a stray branch giving you a smack, nothing more. It’s easy to miss when one isn’t paying attention.

I have learned to appreciate that our relationship with the actual unknowable God, is the most intimate relationship in our individual lives, the thing you were born with and will die with beyond all others. It is mine, and your’s is yours, it cannot be transferred. Can’t even be shared except in the most superficial manner.

I can’t force others into my life’s mix of gift and curse, nor my experiences, so how can I expect others to appreciate God in the way that my unique life has enable me to do?

We can share our experiences and memories and convictions about God, but we must appreciate those are unique to each person as is their lot in life.

In step with that, I’ve learned a universal truth that pick-pocket preachers and jesus pimps will deny with every ounce of their power hungry, avaricious souls: THERE ARE AS MANY WAYS TO GOD AS THERE NEED TO BE ! ! !

That top one is for the sincere God fearing person.

This one is the predatory Prosperity Christian,

with their ME FIRST, EGO LOVING GOD, and their phony prickly blessings that are more veiled curse than anything else.


Who the heck are YOU to God Bless Me, you have no right to speak for God.

The God you are speaking of I condemn for handing our American Government over to an emotional, intellectual, juvenile delinquent,

a nasty child with nothing but resentment and vandalism in his heart.

The fool hates reading, he hates history, hates sciences, hates humanities, hates our government, but loves pussy grabbing, and you’re okay with that. That’s sinful beyond words, your blessings are shit and misery, keep them for yourself.

Look at the news today, this is what your nastiness, and willful ignorance, and your “God” produced for our country/world - even now when trump is clearly the central most significant cause of a virus outbreak being allowed, if not encouraged, to evolve into a life and economy shattering pandemic and before it’s played out a human history shattering event from which America and world will never recover, because we have so many other ignored housekeeping issues that are on a collision course with Reality.

I despise your self-made “God” with all my heart, because I know YOU have done nothing more than elevate your own self-serving EGO to blot all signs of a God of Light & Time, Life & Love - while destroying our future!

Not to mention demolishing all standards of truth, honesty, rational constructive fact based learning, and forward thinking. You have destroyed this planet and our own future and still are blind, damn your God to Dante’s deepest inferno.



I don’t get mad, I write. ;- )

Then I cry at the needless horrors and the futures that might have been. :- (

These are the same chest thumping phonies preaching about the right to life of freak’n fetus, while actual living humans could go to hell for all they care$.

As Carlin said ; “when your pre-born you’re sacred, when you’re pre-school, you’re f**cked”