What do you say to a drunken sailor?

This might liven things up around here. Anybody ever had a drunk for a boss? She’s actually the project manager, but she has most of the boss powers. At least she’s not coming in drunk, but she talks a lot about her new found hobby of making wine, and the project has been missing deadlines like crazy. The worst part is that it is like having a parent who keeps saying they will come see your play or recital or whatever, but never shows up. She is great at making speeches about how she has everything under control and all the great things she is GOING to do, but not so good at actually doing them.

One friend of mine had this situation, but he had the power to schedule jobs, so he’d put all the hardest jobs on Tuesday and Wednesday. Monday was hangover day, and then there was Thirsty Thursday. He was lucky to get 2 good days out of him.

I think the song recommended that you “put him in the longboat 'til he’s sober.” :slight_smile:

Just don’t recommend AA.

'Give him a dose of salty water

Ear-li in the mornin’


And i know about 20 other lines to this song. lol

Thanks for the support.

I’ll take a drunk boss over a psychopathic monster like I had at my last job, any time.

In fact, I might take a drunk psychopathic monster over a sober one (I’d have to see both sides of them to know for sure.)

But, ya, your boss makes a HUGE difference in your quality of life at work. I don’t know why promotions go to terrible people with great skills, over great people with good skills.

I think what u should say to a drunken sailor, may depend on the time of day.

Okay, thanks for the awesome tips (sarcasm). That project is on hold for a while, so I haven’t talked to her in a month or so. Now I just have a regular old jerk to deal with. I don’t think there is a song for that.

Is that an anchor in your pocket or are you glad to see me?