What do USA's Presidential Candidates Know About Science?

Considering that Trump is already complaining about a rigged election if he loses, it’s more important than ever for rational, science respecting citizens to get out and VOTE for that Democratic ticket no matter how distasteful you may find it. This is a hard ball game.
Help make sure that the election results are an overwhelming rejection of Trump’s hysteria.

Candidates Know about Science? Clinton, Trump, Johnson and Stein answer 20 top questions about science, engineering, technology, health and environmental issues. By Christine Gorman on September 13, 2016 https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/what-do-the-presidential-candidates-know-about-science/ This year’s highly unusual presidential election resembles the past two campaigns in at least one way. The candidates of the two major parties—Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump— provided answers to 20 questions about the most important science-based issues the U.S. faces in coming years. Green Party candidate Jill Stein and Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson answered the questions as well. The questions were developed and refined by dozens of scientific organizations representing more than 10 million scientists and engineers after a crowd-sourcing effort led and coordinated by ScienceDebate.org. Scientific American, as the group’s media partner, plans to grade the candidates’ answers in advance of the September 26 presidential debate.
Grading the Presidential Candidates on Science Scientific American evaluates responses from Clinton, Trump, Johnson and Stein to 20 questions By Christine Gorman, Ryan F. Mandelbaum on September 26, 2016 https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/grading-the-presidential-candidates-on-science/ Overall, Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton scored highest in our readers’ estimation, as well as our own, followed by Green Party candidate Jill Stein. Republican Party candidate Donald Trump came in last on all counts. One PhD in biology wrote, "Trump's answers demonstrate an almost complete ignorance of science or the importance of these imposing problems facing us in maintaining a livable world for everyone." A clinical microbiologist with 25 years of experience added, "[Trump’s] answers show how uninformed he is on the issues."


TOTALS out of 100 possible Clinton: 64 Trump: 7 Johnson: 30 Stein: 44

Tnkse totals explain a lot. I wonder how they got them to answer the questions. I would have expected Trump to decline.