What a huge loss... (Merged)

So sad to hear about the passing of Robin WIlliams
I remember being in College. I lived in a coed dorm with about 200 other students. There was only one TV in the dorm and every Thursday at 8pm as if summoned by some invisible force nearly everyone in that building would wander in to the common room where the TV was to watch Mork and Mindy. Every piece of furniture and window sill had dozens of people sitting on them and there was barely an empty spot on the floor to sit or stand. For a half hour that room was bursting at the seams with college kids laughter. When the show was over we would all head back to the books but for that half hour you felt like one big family. It was the sort of community shared moment you don’t see much anymore and one few people other than Robin Williams could have accomplished.
Nanu Nanu Robin.


Robin Williams: the sadness of a clown that couldn’t be fixed Williams, like many others, struggled with addiction and personal demons. Mental illness is a great leveller – but is still too little understood http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2014/aug/12/robin-williams-sadness-clown-addiction-mental-illness
… Physical illness is something the medical profession understands. It knows what to do when the human body malfunctions and what not to do. Mental illness, if illness is the right word, seems lost in some dark age. Otherwise healthy people with every reason to be happy are found wrestling with private demons. Therapists wander the scene like surgeons on a medieval battlefield, at a loss for what to do. Williams appeared to have recovered from cocaine addiction but not from alcohol. He had been in and out of rehabilitation. In a remarkably frank interview in the Guardian four years ago, he was eager to discuss his problems lucidly. He was a regular member of probably the most successful therapy in existence, Alcoholics Anonymous, with its emphasis on non-judgmental group support. There was no help that Williams and others like him could not and did not receive. It failed. ...

His bio has been covered by every news service from NBC to the BBC. I was shocked when I heard about his death. He was one of my favorite comics and satirists aside from George Carlin. Depression is one hellova a disease if you can call it that and no one really knew what went on inside that brilliant mind of his. He will be missed by those of us who were his fans. Good Morning Vietnam really showed off his skills as an actor, satirist and comedian. Loved the music too!
Cap’t Jack

just saw the news.
That’s pretty wild… suicide???
How depressing to think of achieving so much yet feeling so empty inside that checking out early is the only option.

Sad news, and the current reports are that he hung himself, of all things!
I knew he lived with mental illness but he must have been in a really bad way. Such a funny guy, and his more serious roles were very good as well.

Heard this song on the radio earlier and it got me to thinking about Robin.
It’s still ringing in my ears, so I’ll send it out to him
yea, just for the fun of it :coolsmile:
there’s that one line in particular

Say what you want about suicide,
gotta give Mr. Robin Williams his due credit.
He didn’t go for the easy out (drugs, gun shot, high speed car accident),
he deliberately chose to witness his own life ebb away.
Tells you something about the mettle of the man.
Exactly what that says I’m not sure, but it impresses the hell out of me the more I think about it.
say what you will, the man was real* to the core.
Something that can be said for way the hell too few celebs and other humans these days. :down:
*would that be real humanist?