Wednesday will be our 50th Earth Day

In 1970 some of our cities had the worst air pollution in the world. A river in Cleveland was burning. That’s right a river was burning.

50 years later, a large portion of Americans still do not believe that Global Warming and Climate Change is a problem.

Could this be the last Earth Day?

What are to trying to get me wound up into another ‘rant.’

Fifty years of backsliding and giving to the rejection of physical reality and replacement of God with EGO. and so on and so forth

Diary - Musing on a half Century of Climate Science Awareness, 2020-02-22

But on the fun side we had a big arts and crafts fair at our high school to celebrate the first Earth Day and we were allowed to stay over night to keep and eye on our stalls. But I spent half the night wandering around the tracks and down town. This Freshman had his first chance to get acquainted with the mysterious night and being out and alone in it - I didn’t recognize it then, but my vagabonding spirit was given a kick in the butt that night. Crazy can remember it like the proverbial yesterday.

Happy Earth Day Timb.

Graffiti writers, street artists and muralists from every continent seize the power of art to inspire action for our planet on Earth Day 2020

And a special happy Earth Day for all of our animal friends. Pandas mate in Zoos for the first time in years, without the daily crowds of human visitors. Bears and other creatures native to our national parks and national parks around the world are coming out of hiding.

Some animals are making themselves at home in our now quiet cities.

Happy Earth Day, everyone! @timb love the pictures of wildlife taking over again. Beautifully awesome.

For the first time in a long time earth is doing better than us on earth day – Melissa Chin

Want to can see what that bobcat did next?

Pay attention at 0:25

But it’s not all Shangri-La when local animal populations, that have exploded because of the constant flow of tourist feeding and fresh trash heaps, no longer have their enablers around.

Cascading Consequences and all that.

Bottom line, Trump and pals really really really profoundly, with no turning back, fucked our global society royally this time.

Oh and don’t look now, but hurricane season is just around the corner.

2020 Atlantic Hurricane Season Expected to Be More Active Than Normal, Colorado State University Outlook Says By Jonathan Belles and Brian Donegan April 02 2020

https:// weather _ com/storms/hurricane/news/2020-04-01-2020-atlantic-hurricane-season-april-outlook

Wildfire season, don’t even ask.

Our planet is in a profound transition, there are no cycles to return back to, we and it is careening forward, with too much momentum and inbred Willful Ignorance, to do much more than be astound bystanders, then we die.

So what else is there to do but repeating the Right Wing mantra: ‘Who could have imagined such a thing happening?’

Well you Republican, Me First Sillies, EVERY F’n ADULT THAT EVER LEARNED ABOUT THE REAL DOWN TO EARTH FACTS, THAT’S WHO! ( If you bothered to learn about the passage of time and Evolution, it was a no-brainer ) - that’s who could have and did imagine these horrors unfolded because of our intentional ignorance feed neglect. Still as I first observed back in '95, you can count on Nature always being vastly more complex than we humans are capable of imagining.

So beware, more unpleasant surprises are to be expected and wishing it away like sree and Republican Me Firsters are dedicated to doing, won’t change that a bit, well, perhaps continuing to speeding up the horrors here and there.

The good news is that Earth and the biosphere will prevail, even when the new regime jettisons most all of the spectacular animals and biodiversity of the past 50+million years of Evolution. This too shall pass and Earth’s life will once again adapt to its ever changing environment and while Earth’s minions once again start figuring out how best to increase Cognitive and Manipulatory abilities given the resources and conditions available to it…

A few will surely survive, particularly given the drop in humans’ poisoning our planet, which this COVID-19 virus has bullied our society into. Sad to say but this is probably the best thing that could have happened for Earth’s biosphere - now and into the Deep-time future - if the worst that could have happened to me, and my close and extended human family.

oops - never say “worst”. Excuse me! I take that back! I fear we will inevitably experience worse.

Especially considering the malignant imbeciles, and out and out traitorous vandals, running our government and the super corporations that increasingly own them.