Wear the world as a loose cloth

I had a gent named Ricse share that with me yesterday as I was finishing my last walkabout in downtown Seattle before heading home.
I been trying to write down the circumstance and it’s one of those things that keeps going off into all sorts of tangents,
a wild ride, lots of stories trying to get out, if I manage to tame it, I’ll share it.
In any event it was like out of the movies my ‘token’ received at the end of my walkabouts through neighborhoods unknown.
I appreciate I’ve been trying to do that all my life, but I’d never heard it summed up so nicely.
I see there’s an interesting essay http://alexandracoulter.wordpress.com/2010/01/11/wearing-life-loosely/

Anyone have any thoughts on the concept.
<em>As I typed those last words, I flashed on the religious and seeing lots of straight jackets.</em>

Although the previous day Mike the clarinet player practicing out on Pier 62/64
blew me away with some righteous tunes he played for me and for breaking bread with me.
That was a sweet token.
Feels good to get to know some of the real people in the hood.

You can take the kid out of the city,
but a part of the city stays with the kid,
And though I’m very happy to be back home in our splendid 600 sq ft cabin out under the southwest desert night sky,
rather than within the glowing humming cocoon that envelopes all cities,
I enjoyed the experience - and privilege to once again walk around a big city with fresh eyes to marvel at modern marvels.
I am mightily impressed with what society and progress has achieved.
As my mom would admonish: “look children at what two hands have achieved.”
The one repetitive heartbreak that hit me over and over again, was how for granted everyone seems to take it.
The deep disregard and oblivion exhibited by so many in so many different ways, made clear why events are following our current suicidal path.