We all have alien DNA

Not arguing Darron, but no individual species of dinosaur was around that long. I forget the terms, but I think dinosaur is a “super species" or something like that, so you have to compare “dinosaur" to “hominid" (I think, you can check my work). When you compare equal groups to groups, we come out as one of the most successful animals ever. I think we’ll probably be around for a couple or few more thousand years, which is a pretty good run. The question is, will we populate other planets and increase our chances of evolving into something even more successful?
I read Darron's post to mean Dinosaurs as a species, and if so then they smoke us in terms of geological time having lived through three periods to our one for a total of 165 million years. If you count the earliest hominin found to date (Sehalanthropus) we as a species have only been around for approx. 7million years. One wonders what the Earth would have been like if that asteroid hadn't hit us. Birds might be the only sentient beings now. Cap't Jack