A strange realization occured in my mind which inspired me much .

I say , the mark of an warrior is not that he can kill , but he can tolerate pain and fatigue with harmony and good humor and he still loves !

What happened , i came back home from my relatives house on a cramped non reserved railcar where we could not even properly stand , let alone relax . On top of that , to leave space for co passengers i had to carry my bag on my head for one hour , so that one more man can enter the coach and also to save my tablet from breaking apart . Another three hours of jostling while my bag jolted and swayed from my soulder . But i was so happy meeting my relatives , i was never out of good humor and soothed every abrasion with mild logic and a smile or a laugh . I am 2 days bed ridden , nearly , so much for the journey .

Today i realised that it is the mark of a warrior and that gave me pride .

(whispering in you ear) “all glory is fleeting”

LOL . yes .

That’s actually not the mark of the warrior. A warrior does not have humor but neither despair and faces all situations with a deadly calm to see clearly

A killer does not have humor , like in mafia . A warrior has humor for he is fighting for goodness .