Walmart and more New Age Medicine.

Now they are going into the New Age medicine, with Deepak Chopra crap. Tell the doctor your dreams, not your aches and pains and you will live a long life. rolling eyes What B.S. Doesn’t CFI have a lawsuit against them for their herbal supplements and crap? This new crap isn’t even science based medicine and I can see it doing more harm than good. Anyone else have any thoughts about it?

I’ve listened to Deepak Chopra speak a number of times and never heard him once advise telling a doctor about dreams. What exactly is “Deepak Chopra crap”? Lumping herbal supplements and the word “crap” is indicative of a woefully uninformed intellect. The science corroborating the efficacy of plant based extracts in treating disease is rock solid. Nutritional science is valid and increasing at a faster pace than traditional medical science.

Sorry, but alternative medicine is not science based and CFI has a lawsuit against Hellmart for selling herbal supplements and alike because there is no evidence that of any efficacy or any of it treating disease. This stuff in the article is just more of the same thing that CFI has sued them about.

Sorry, but alternative medicine is not science based and CFI has a lawsuit against Hellmart for selling herbal supplements and alike because there is no evidence that of any efficacy or any of it treating disease.
Really? That's awesome! My kids were prone to car sickness when younger and our local Walmart stopped carrying Dramamine. Looking through the "medicine" isle I almost bought some useless, unproven crap until I saw some very subtle sign which alerted me that it was not "medicine". When I started looking I found that EVERYTHING they sold for motion sickness was unproven garbage! And if you weren't specifically looking for real medicine it was easy to miss the very subtle packaging hints that half of what they sold worked on voodoo and stump water. I really hope to get some prominent labeling for this new age garbage passed. A few years ago I imagined a free-to-use logo with the word "medicine" on it, making it illegal to place on packages containing "not medicine" so that you could easily spot the ACTUAL medicine in the medicine isle.

Yes, it is good that CFI is trying to get Hellmart to stop selling crap and sell real medicine. What’s bad is the Waltons are trying to start a New Age Health care using Deepak Chopra quackery

I look forward to the day when all this new age bullshit has to be clearly labeled as unproven. Or better yet, has to undergo the same clinical trials as medicine, making all “unproven crap” disappear entirely.

Me too. We can only hope that CFI wins their lawsuit against Hellmart and that the Waltons shut down their New Age Facility.

I remember when the evil liberals went after Flonase because they were a sponsor of Rush Limbaugh. It had nothing whatsoever to do with the crap product being SO untested that it actually permanently destroyed people’s sense of smell. No, it was all about going after Rush Limbaugh. A liberal conspiracy to keep corporations from permanently harming unsuspecting people JUST to jab at Limbaugh’s bottom line. The sheer evil of it all!

I didn’t hear about any of that. I do know my doctor Rx Flonase for me, but all it did was make my nose bleed. That is, I didn’t have sores in my nose until I started using it. Less than 6 months or so I had to stop using it because of that. My sense of smell is still intact, as far as I know.

Sorry, it was Zicam that was involved. It’s all the damned drug commercials on TV trying to get people to self-diagnose and tell their doctors what they need. And they all have a Z or an X in them for some reason. Some day the only new drug name available will be Zizaxizil, which, having just typed it, I have a copyright on. When that day comes I’m cashing out.

I haven’t used Flonase in a long while. I have used it in the past, and it was very effective and there were no side effects that I noticed. I would typically use it for no more than a couple of days, and it worked.

I think my ability to smell is still intact.

Idk about Zicam, whatever that is.

Zicam was/maybe is again a “homeopathic” product for treating a cold. The original formula contained zinc, which was discovered to be the cause of the permanent and severe loss of the sense of smell. Being homeopathic it was unproven and untested, yet marketed as a cold remedy, making it the perfect example of why “alternative” medicines should be banned entirely.

Zicam advertised heavily on the Rush Limbaugh show back in the day. When users began losing their sense of smell the lawsuits started piling up. Zicam eventually paid $12 million to settle 340 lawsuits in 2006, though hundreds more lawsuits were reportedly filed after that settlement.

In 2009 the FDA stepped in, forced a recall of the product and issued stern warnings about marketing it as a cold remedy. I believe that was the point where “What A” Rush Limbaugh claimed that it was a vast liberal conspiracy to hurt him by going after his advertisers. Of course, that PoS also claimed a hurricane was a liberal conspiracy too, so it’s right in line with the dumbassery he peddles regularly.

I just lost my whole post because the board decided to log me out. Anyway, to make what I said short and sweet because I forgot what all I said, there is nothing wrong with sucking on a zinc drop like a cough drop, but I don’t think zinc was meant to be inhaled anymore than vitamin E was meant to be inhaled. There’s nothing wrong with peppermint tea for a queasy tummy or if you have a stomach virus. Feverfew is OK for a mild headache occasionally, but for an ongoing headache or migraines, see a real doctor and him or her what you need to treat it. However, belladonna for an abortion is extremely dangerous, even deadly. One needs to see a real doctor for real medicine in cases of flu, pneumonia, or sinus infections, and not be listening to Dr Oz or Deepak Chopra, both of whom are full of crap. People fool around with homeopathic meds, not knowing what they are doing and end up getting into trouble medically, if not dead from it.

Peppermint tea, even Echinacea tea, is as harmless as chicken soup and is OK for temporarily relieve symptoms of a cold or flu, but if it’s more than a cold one also needs to see a real doctor and not play around with something that only soothes one mentally or masks an illness. Sweetgrass and sage are good for a Sweat Lodge and are even soothing, as well as calming as lavender, but I wouldn’t call burning them and breathing in the smoke like vapor from a vaporizer medicine. Breathing in some herbs and vitamins could get one killed, like the vitamin E oil that was added to e-cigs.

However, belladonna for an abortion is extremely dangerous, even deadly.
Too bad that may be the only game in town very soon.

And yeah, there’s a huge difference between “home remedies” and new age garbage. The backing behind home remedies is “your mom”, who is a far greater authority on dealing with sickness than the backing behind homeopathy, “some guy who wants to separate you from as much of your money as possible”.

Yes, Belladonna might be the only game in town, but while some women in the backwoods bayou may have used that to induce an abortion for women who wanted or needed one, it is dangerous and one has to know exactly how very little to give. Even then, it caused severe cramping, pain, and “miscarriage”, because it is a poison.

Home remedies though are far better than new age crap. Mom still took you to the doctor in the end or the next day. I hated that hot water bottle for an earache though. I insisted it made things worse. I never used a hot water bottle on my sons for their earaches though.

I hated that hot water bottle for an earache though. I insisted it made things worse.
Oh, I know what you mean! I swear it raises the temperature in there and actually HELPS the bacteria grow! But it's not the worst remedy I ever heard of. I had a much older friend who died a couple of years ago who swore the best treatment for ear infection was little girl's pee. No idea why it had to specifically be the urine of a little girl. A boy could have gotten it in there much easier. Though I suppose it could have lead to some strange fetishes later in life...

It is a sad reality that the moment abortion access is restricted medical emergencies and the death toll will start to rise for desperate women. It is just a proven, unavoidable fact. The fact that so many people, mostly white men, actually want this is a bit of a sad commentary on how women are viewed in this country. What do a bunch of CongressMEN care about abortion? They just stick it in there. It’s the woman’s problem after that.

A little girl’s pee for an ear infection? No. That is disgusting on so many levels.

IMHO, anti-abortion laws are a means for [rich white] men to control women and their bodies. They don’t care if a woman lives or dies from having a baby, as long as they have babies. Now, here’s the thing though, if that woman is carrying their baby, they’ll gladly pay for the abortion and even demand that the woman get it OR they will pay them hush money to never tell anyone who the father is, all to save their bacon. They don’t care as long as they are in control and they oppress others.

It’s definitely about control. The man is in charge. My sister once dated a Pentecostal man who was VERY into being in charge. He dictated that, were they to marry (she dumped his ass, thankfully), family could not come to the house on Sundays because that would be their day. In fact, he laid down a few rules for “how it would be”. Thankfully I had left the church years before that so the attitude disgusted me beyond words.

It disgusts me too and I have an in-law who married into such a cult, why I don’t know, but I think she maintains some control by not telling him everything.

That is the saddest thing I have heard in as long as I can remember. I feel for her.