Vanity of Vanities

mind of the fourth dimension of human thought life. Some believe death is the final destination of conscious awareness, and so mankind’s majority continue refuse to acknowledge everything it is aware of is the continuum of life onward flow passed on to it by ancestral genetic DNA code transference and vibrations of eternal human thoughts reduced to time. Each generation birth into time is a continuous cycle of this transference and vibrations of eternal thoughts.
In the life of books, styles, cultures, mannerism of speaking, thinking, religion, philosophy, and man’s adaptation to his environmental form is man’s base of contemporary living found today. And just because a man is unaware of the whole of life he is living, does not mean he is not subject to the law of reciprocity. If man has not ventured into the invisibility of his thought center by Spirit initiative -gone through the mind to get beyond the mind - and eliminated the onward thrust of those ancestral beliefs of dualism, man is still a subject victim to the vibrating life of those ancient superstitious thoughts yet alive in his, soul, conscious, and mind today."
From Vanity of Vanities - by Julius Fann, Jr