Another view of Consciousness

The following is based on the supposition that unity comprises multiplicity in order to realize itself.
The interaction of unity and multiplicity is called ConsciousNess* and regarded as an inter-extrapolation that relates in a viewpoint which manifests ConsciousNess.
In 2750, an Egyptian priest of Ptah paraphrased it like this: “The seeing of the eyes, the hearing of the ears and the breathing of the nose report to the heart; the heart is the center of cognition, the tongue expresses the cognised" – and since this cognition consists of a reflection & projection, the priest added – “thus gods are made".
The Egyptians called the cognition Hoor Paar Kraat (Horus the Child) and its Reflection & Projection Isis & Osiris. This relativity, or state of ConsciousNess did apparently not suffice, as they reflected & projected Isis & Osiris with Nephtys & Seth, setting of a contrary Reflection/Projection (R/P) dynamic, wherein Horus became the arbiter of its pole positions – or field limits – and thus an intermediate viewpoint.
Cultures subjected to this contrary R/P dynamic, called it a war of gods. In the Egyptian version, Seth divided Osiris and claimed his throne – or pole position – which put him into opposition to Horus, who joined (wed) his “mother" Isis. With the son of this marriage the entire process repeated itself – that is: the contrary R/P field and its intermediate viewpoint were doubled and turned into an eight-pole R/P dynamic which filled the Egyptian pantheon with numerous Horus (& Osiris) variants.
The history of Egyptian ConsciousNess (or religion) demonstrates, that it was henceforth governed by attempts to restrain this division-multiplication process through a 9th pole (or god) –which might have been the first monopolistic (or monotheistic) attempt to transform the intermediate into an absolute viewpoint – in order to fix the pole positions and thus inhibit the creation of additional R/P fields and viewpoints.
It is not known if the priests realized that thereby they fixed the contraries too, or if they feared losing their prosperous pantheon-managements, when they exiled this so called “Aton" to (or with) the Israeli tribes, whom he henceforth ruled under the term JHVH. And it was the son (Jesus) of this (four-poled) contrary R/P field, whose (cross-shaped) coordinate got established in the Hellenic time/space, where it became a principal pattern for the formation of the Occident.
The R/P patterns of the Egyptians and the ancient Greeks were similar, except that the Greeks established four intermediary viewpoints and thus a contrary field within contrary fields, which brought about a R/P mode that was to become renown as rationalism (after the Latin ratio = calculation) and to give birth to the philosophers and geometricians who separated the fields and assigned one to psyche and one to soma (or spirit & body – mind & matter), turning them into the cornerstones of a polarisation-dynamic that was going to shape – with the help of religion and science – the occidental cultures.
In 1904 appeared the threefold “Book of the Law" LIBER AL VEL LEGIS.
LAL reveals that these Dualisms become reciprocal as soon as they reach their particular limits, thus bringing about a self-complementing unit, in the following called SelfConsciousNess.
The simultaneous Inter/Extrapolation of its R/P-equations (for convenience sake numbered 2-8, 3-7, 4-6) is envisioned spherical and depicted as the following:
GRAPHIC – see attachment
In LAL the inter/extrapolation (indicated by the doted wave or spiral) is represented by Had and the space (sphere) of its realisation by Nu the Egyptian goddess of All, which makes Had to the measure of the phenomena (Khabs) that manifest in the Selfrealisation-dynamic (Khu) of ConsciousNess.
(Khabs is also translated as body and Khu as light)
LAL I & II are dedicated to Nu & Had, whereas Ra Hoor Khu, the Theban god of war, embodies in Book III the polarisation-dynamic of ConsciousNess. He is the mythological (graphic: geometrical) twin (double) of Hoor-Paar-Kraat, who is now the transformation moment (5) of his brothers contrary R/P (10-01) and thus the Point of View of SelfConsciousNess.
Ra-Hoor-Khu introduces himself in LAL III-3 also as a “god of vengeance", because in dualism self-realisation is a two-way-dynamic that correlates in the cognition: I am what I do ~ I do what I am (i.e.) I reflect what I project ~ I project what I reflect thus annihilating its innate contradictions.
This self-complementary unit is in LAL called a star, symbolizing a microcosm that relates a macrocosm. Macrocosm is the inter/extrapolation-sphere of the stars, or microcosms. The force of their inter/extrapolation is Love under Will, and the formula of their R/P equation is 101 (LAL: eleven).
The R/P poles of this continuum interrelate in 3 phases. 4~6 is here interpret as cognition, 3~7 as understanding and 2~8 as (Self) knowledge, while the (doted) zero indicates the circumference of the pole relativity 1~1, the sphere (or dimension) wherein micro & macrocosm unite.
The time/space of their interactivity is Now/Here – and it is the task of every man/woman to formulate and thus realize Oneself according to his/her Will and Love.
(* The particular spelling is to emphasize the relativity of Conscious: purposeful, aware – and Ness: being, existence)
Reflections & Projections are time/space relativities of the inter/extrapolation of ConsciousNess.
There are three principal Reflection/Projection modes – the alternating, whose manifestations complement each other – the contrary, where they contrast each other – the dualistic R/P, whose manifestations appear separate.
The alternating R/P is typical for the Orient, whereas the contrary R/P has been dominating the Egyptian, Mesopotamian and Hellenic cultures and became the foundation of the dualistic R/P that determines the Occident and its cultures.
(Orient & Occident represent here R/P systems as well as cerebral & global hemispheres)
Every R/P mode has a characteristic time/space and corresponding life- & death rites.
In the alternating R/P the dissolving body (soma) is left to earth, fire, water or air, while the psyche is kept alive with rituals – particularly where it is believed to be essential for the re-incarnation of the soma aspect.
In the contrary R/P the body receives a space, or room, furnished with life-utensils, while (notably in Egypt) symbols and data-cards (Stele) are employed to keep the diseased present. With the doubling of the R/P field, that space is perceives as another world (or dimension) wherein the deceased has to justify his existence to the gods in charge of it – i.e. of the measures and values it is composed of.
In Dualism the times & spaces of the living & the dead are not only divided, but also fractured by the counter-dynamics of its R/P fields. Thus the dead wind up in heavens above and hells below, while the spaces of the living get subdivided into sections for you & me, pasts & futures, inner & outer worlds, one for psyche and one for soma, in short: times & spaces for everything they fear from death – and hope from it as well, since their existence is not only determined by their fear of death, but also by their fear of life.
“Existence is lust and requires strength to bear its joy"
In undivided R/P systems the lust & joy of existence are revered with sex, art & war, and in some cultures with the sacrifice of the body to the feast of life. In the Occident, where the separation of life & death culminated in the sacrifice of the son of its god and where the lust & joy of existence got corrupted by a religion that thrives on misery and merchant-emotions, not only lust & joy degenerated, but also the understanding that when the body dissolves, there remains that which is reflected & projected as its life and death.
Thus there is the death of those whose existence is determined by fear & hope – and the death of those who associate it with the death of the dogs.
There is the death of the one who consumes himself in the fire of Selfrealisation and there is the dissolution of the one who determines his life as well as his death. To him existence is the Great Ritual and death the crown of it.
Who designs his life with death in sight, can be certain of a rich life as well as of a rich death.
Survival concepts may intensify the experience of existence through emotions like fear & hope – but they also confine it into a time/space with a deadly exit.
It is more effective not to try to overcome death, but to overcome the fear of it – and most effective by provoking it and driving it to its limits. A method which, by the way, is not only to be applied to that which is feared, but also to that which pleases, since excess leads to Selfrealisation too – as long as it is motivated by the Will to be what one is.
Attempts to make the mortal immortal, bring about a dual-creature, that stagnates in its incompatibility.
The term re-birth is in so far fitting, that in the R/P of ConsciousNess its manifestations and their constellations appear to be renewing themselves. And since, in the contrary and the dualistic R/P it is thought necessary to fix their formation- & transformation phases as well, death is brought to life.
The constellations of the manifestations of ConsciousNess are interactive, their reciprocal changes maintain the balance of existence.
The formation- & dissolution phases of the constellations are concurrent.
That constellations appear to come and to go, to be active or passive, to transform, to consume, to attract or to repulse each other, are angles of a R/P determined time/space and thus local aspects of the Selfrealisation process of ConsciousNess.
The ways the interrelations of the constellations of ConsciousNess are observed, reveal also the patterns and dynamics of the observers Selfrealisation attempts.
The large variety of psycho-somatic relativities and the ways they express, affirm & enjoy themselves, demonstrate the innumerable Selfrealisation possibilities of ConsciousNess and its lust & joy of existence.
Existence is to realize ConsciousNess. In the alternating R/P system, existence appears as a change and in the contrary as an action/reaction that triggers in Dualism feedback-emotions (mostly in form of fear) and promotes notions like existence being a fight, or even a will, of survival. However, fear is not will, but weakness, and the concept of a will of survival is a contradiction as (even according to it) the weak do not survive.
To claim that the components of existence eliminate each other in order to survive is to claim that existence destroys itself in order to exist. This (for the dual/linear perspective typical) contradiction impedes the awareness that the combination possibilities of existence are infinite.
ConsciousNess is a self-complementary continuum stimulated by Will & Love.
P.S: if you are interested in the entire text, see “Selfconsciousness” in waechter418.wordpress

The following is based on the supposition that unity does NOT comprise multiplicity in order to realize itself.
I posit that what you just posted is the exact opposite of the truth. Prove me wrong.
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You are right - there is no truth :slight_smile:

The following is based on the supposition that unity comprises multiplicity in order to realize itself.
You lost me right there. I didn't bother reading the rest of your drivel.
You are right - there is no truth :-)
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I never read anything that long on a blog, If you can’t get your point across in a couple of paragraphs it is probably hogwash,

I never read anything that long on a blog, If you can't get your point across in a couple of paragraphs it is probably hogwash, LL
You're in good company with that comment: "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough." - Albert Einstein
I never read anything that long on a blog, If you can't get your point across in a couple of paragraphs it is probably hogwash, LL
You're in good company with that comment: "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough." - Albert Einstein Thanks. i'm glad to be in the company of Einstein. LL

The use of aphorisms and contradiction techniques, should make it obvious that above texts are not intended for devotees of linear logic and traditional philosophical reference frames, but for him who seeks leave from their traps and labyrinths.