UK makes 15 min testing kit nationally available

Meanwhile here in the USA…

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Thanks, hugo.

A test for antibodies is extraordinarily important. The test you cite, will only do that, but, still, that is great! The more we know about our enemy the better. So we will be able to identify who has recovered from COVID-19. This is important, especially if it turns out there is at least a temporary immunity from the virus. These people could be recruited to do some of the social interactive, and thus otherwise dangerous but necessary parts of our economy and medical system.

Another thing is that there remains the possibility of research determining whether antibodies from the plasma of recovered individuals can provide protection from the virus.

Of course, in order to have use of this new testing, we would have to have a chief executive that is interested primarily in fighting the pandemic, rather that ONLY primarily interested in getting re-elected. And it would help if he were not also a retarded dickwad.