Twitter marks T rump LIES for the 1st time

Since ascending to the US presidency, Trump has used his Twitter account to threaten a world leader with war, amplify racist misinformation by British hate figures and, as recently as Tuesday morning, spread a lie about the 2001 death of a congressional aide in order to smear a cable news pundit. Throughout it all, Twitter has remained steadfast in its refusal to censor the head of state, even going so far as to write a new policy to allow itself to leave up tweets by “world leaders” that violate its rules.
However, for the 1st time they have now tagged a recent bigtime LIE of his alleging mail-in vote fraud. The tag simply said "Get the facts" and when you click it, you get the truth.

T rump promptly threatened to shut down Twitter.

Facebook continues not to interfere with T rump’s LIES there.