trump's voter fraud

Trump team, about as fraudulent and unAmerican as it gets.


The Trump campaign’s 524-page response to a discovery demand turned up precisely zero instances of mail-in voter fraud.
Richard Salame

August 20 2020,

The non-redacted portion of the Trump campaign’s response consists in large part of news reports and copies of the campaign’s open records requests to counties. It contains no new evidence of fraud beyond what local news outlets have previously reported. The examples of fraud that it does provide include the case of four poll workers who admitted to harassment and intimidation of voters at one polling place during a special election in 2017. It also includes an election judge who altered vote totals in his polling place between 2014 and 2016 at the behest of a political consultant. And while the amended complaint brought by the campaign cites a few incidents of mail-in fraud, none were mentioned in the discovery document.

This is far from the first time that Republicans have failed to substantiate their frequent claims that voter fraud is a persistent problem in American elections. In 2018, one of U.S.’s most prominent crusaders against voter fraud, then-Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, was asked by a district court to produce evidence that noncitizens were voting in his home state of Kansas. Kobach brought forth witnesses, but their testimony fell apart on cross examination. Judge Julie Robinson wrote in her opinion that “evidence that the voter rolls include ineligible citizens is weak. At most, 39 [non]citizens have found their way onto the Kansas voter rolls in the last 19 years.” The rare known cases of voter fraud were not the tip of the iceberg, she concluded, “there is no iceberg; only an icicle, largely created by confusion and administrative error.”

After taking office, Trump established a controversial presidential commission to study voter fraud. The commission met only twice before disbanding without producing evidence of widespread voter fraud in U.S. elections. …


EVERY Presidential election season, the voter suppression tactics of the Republicans, and now the RepugLIARS, gp in to full gear. One of their go-to suppression tactics is to claim their bullshit to the world and the high heavens that we are in danger from voter fraud. There is almost NO voter fraud, in reality. Occasionally the righties try it, but they get caught.

Trump’s voter fraud panel is not the first time Republicans have convened an investigative body to look into widespread voter fraud. It’s also not the first Republican-lead investigative body which was then disbanded before releasing any information. Why? They couldn’t say what Republicans wanted to hear, so they were disbanded so they didn’t have to say anything.

But the actual point of this isn’t to fight voter fraud. And only part of it is intended to prevent people from voting. These claims have a real effect on conservatives, who believe this will all their heart. This allows some of these conservatives to actively cheat in elections with a clear conscience because they’re just trying to “balance out all the voter fraud Democrats are doing”.

I can think of a handful of instances of voter fraud I’ve ever heard about. There were a few people who thought they qualified to vote but did not. The system is very good at catching them, but it’s also confusing to some. There are near zero instances of dead people voting. The system is VERY good at catching those. There are zero cases of Raul showing up at the voting booth with a thousand different disguises, voting, changing his disguise as he walks to the back of the line and doing it all over again. But I have heard of a few which come to mind.

There was the absentee voter fraud in North Carolina most recently, where Republican operative Leslie McCrae Dowless, once convicted of a voter fraud scheme, committed voter fraud to help the Republican who hired him in the 2018 election.

There was the Denver conservative talk show host and former Colorado Republican Party chairman Steve Curtis, a white man known for his rampant accusations of widespread voter fraud, who filled out his ex-wife’s absentee ballot for her in 2016. He got 4 years probation and 300 hours community service.

There was also Sarilu Sosa-Sanchez, a white woman and registered Republican from Colorado Springs who filled out voter cards for her dead parents on 6 different occasions, resulting in 6 felony charges. She got 60 hours of community service.

And here is a wonderful case where a black woman on supervised release from prison voted not knowing that she was ineligible. Being black, she got 5 years in prison. Later on in the story there’s a beautiful tale about a white woman who sent in a vote from Trump from her dead mother. But unlike the mean black woman who only claimed to not know she wasn’t eligible to vote once, this decent white woman actually didn’t know that it was illegal to cast a vote for yourself AND a dead person, so she wasn’t even charged!

The Republican fearmongering about voter fraud is calculated not only so they can pass laws to prevent people from voting, but also to get people to commit what little voter fraud there is on their behalf, unprompted. Yeah, there is a very little bit of voter fraud. The Heritage Foundation claims to have collected almost 1,300 proven cases. Of course, they have been in operation for 4 years. And their database covers every level of government right down to small town city council. And some of their cases date back as far as 1972. And not all of them lead to criminal convictions. But yeah, that’s almost 30 PROVEN cases per year on average! If Hillary had gotten those 30 votes maybe she would have won! And if Trump had gotten those 30 votes…well, he still would have lost by about 3 million.

Every presidential election season, the Republicans put on a full court press to suppress votes, any way they can. Now the RepugLIARS are at it. The difference being, that the RepugLIARS (aka, t rumpians) are even less ashamed of their dishonest efforts.