Trump and Golf

But we don’t have enough money to provide soap, tooth brushes, beds, schooling or entertainment for the kids he has relegated to migrant camps. First things first. $100,000,000 for Trump, $0 for kids. The Republican way.



Trump has spent nearly 200 days on a golf course since he took office and all but two have been at one of his own properties. Each time Donald Trump tees off it costs the American people millions. With all of the money we waste bankrolling Trump’s lavish golf trips, we could provide housing to 1,771 families a year, or a year’s salary for 2,050 public school teachers.

Trump is #LiningHisPockets with the money his properties earn by his visits. Taxpayer dollars flow directly into HIS own pockets.

Watch our film below and then tell US how YOU would spend $100 million dollars!